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3 Impeccable Solutions To Solve Headphones Not Working Windows 10 Error

Nowadays, Windows users are complaining about issues associated with various topics and error code. Headphones not working Windows 10 is one such error that is very common in occurrence and encountered by a huge number of users. This particular issue becomes frustrating for most of them, especially for music lovers.

By chance, if you are also confronting the same, then this article is here to swoop in and save you. Read the entire guide and follow the methods exactly the same as stated in the next segment. But, make sure not to make any mistakes or skip any step as well.

Common Issues Related to Headphones not Working Windows 10

We already said that you might face a number of issues when you find a fault in the headphone you are using. We have listed some issues that you may encounter:

  • Drive Manager not uninstalled.
  • Headphone jack stops working on Windows 10.
  • No upgrade is done.
  • Audio software not installed correctly.
  • Audio wires are not connected properly.
  • The generic audio driver given by Windows 10 not tried.

Workable Tricks to Rid of Headphones Not Working Windows 10 Issue

Here, we have described some awesome tricks which will surely help you to fix the issue at an instant. So, analyze the methods and solve the issue in no time.

Solution 1: Update Audio/Sound Drivers Automatically

This is the basic method to fix your Windows 10 not recognizing headphones problem. If you are using an outdated driver, then you may face this issue. On that time updating is the ultimate way in order to solve the glitch. The very first thing you have to do is to find the Sound option on the Windows screen and just right-click on it. After that, you have to get intact with the Playback option and launch it. Here, you can find an option of Headphones. You just have to tap on it and choose the Properties icon. You can see an option is showing on the screen and says Controller Information. Click on that option to open it. Here, you can also change the settings too.

But, before changing it you have to get the Administration permission to proceed to the rest of the method. After that, move to the Driver option and tap on the Update Driver icon. Check if an update is available for your device or not. If you find so, then click on it and let it download. After completing the download restart your device and connect headphones with it. Check if you are still facing the same or not.

Solution 2: Set Headphones as a Default Playback Device

In case, if the first method is not workable for you, then you may go through this one. This step is also proven as effective to solve this particular issue. Seldom this problem may arise if you do not set the headphones as a default playback device. To perform this method, follow the steps exactly the same.

  1. First of all, you have to start your computer and navigate to the Start button.
  2. Now, you have to tap on the Start option and directly enter in the Control Panel tab.
  3. Moreover, if you find an alternative option then choose the “Hardware and Sound” and click on it.
  4. Now, you have to enable the Playback option by right-clicking on the Show Disabled Device.
  5. Here, you will find a list of headphones option.
  6. You have to choose the required headphone device settings.
  7. At the last step, you have to check if the entire process is performed correctly or not.

Solution 3: Restore the Device

If none of the above is workable for you, then this one can help you to fix the no sound issue with headphones in a minute. So, to execute the method, first of all, you need to navigate to the Search bar. Now, type “keyword restore point” in the box and tap on the Enter key. Now, navigate to the System Protection tab and tap on the Restore System option. You have to prefer the Restore points that are already created. After that, proceed with the other steps correspondingly. When the installation process gets finished, strive to enjoy the music and sounds through the headphones. Check if the headphone is working perfectly or still has some issue.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, the mentioned solutions will definitely help you to get rid of the headphones not working Windows 10 issue without any delay. But, if you find any kind of complications while performing the methods, then let us know that in details. We have illustrated the easiest ways by which you can fix the issue on your own. Moreover, you can also leave a comment after reading the entire article and let us know your feedback as well.