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DPC Watchdog Violation Windows 10 – Get Practical Solutions

DPC Watchdog violation issue is a critical issue that mostly occurs in Windows 10. Users who recently upgraded their System to Windows 10 are mostly facing this issue. The DPC Watchdog violation also classified as Blue Screen of Death can occur in any system. But the glitch goes away whenever you restart your PC.

However, if the problem is resurfacing continuously, then it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. So if your system is showing the errors with Watchdog Violation repeatedly, then you need to follow specific methods to resolve the issue. Users notice the Watchdog violation problem on their system because of irregularities with th Operating system.

The problem can also arise due to incompatible SSD firmware, or the driver is not up to date. So if you are looking for a proper solution for this issue then read this article thoroughly. In this article, we will give detail explanation for how to fix the DPC watchdog violation in Windows 10.

Solve WatchDog Error Violation Issue from Your System

If you are encountering the Watchdog violation code on your PC, the first thing you need to is to restart the PC.  After rebooting verify that whether you are still getting the violation message. If you are still getting the prompt, then don’t worry, use these useful hacks as given below. Make sure you apply these techniques methodically otherwise it can further increase your problem.

Replace SATA ACHI Driver

SATA ACHI DriverUsers those who are getting the Watchdog violation prompt on their PC they can need to change SATA ACHI controller driver.

To change the driver first, press Windows logo and X keys to enter the Device Manager. Now in this window, look for IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers and expand it. After that right-click SATA ACHI device and tap Properties. You can check the driver as well by going to the Driver tab and select driver details. Next, verify that whether iaStorA.sys driver is present in the list or not.

Once you can find the driver, click OK to exit. After that select the driver and then hit the Update driver tab. Then, choose “Browse my computer for the driver” the driver by tapping ‘let me pick the driver on my computer’ option. Next, users need to select the Standard SATA ACHI Controller, hit Next. After selecting the driver that you want to change, users need to follow the onscreen instructions to finish the task. When the process is over then restart your machine to make the changes work.

Disable Fast Startup

Disable Fast StartupIf your system is frequently prompting the Watchdog violation code, then turn off the fast startup. To disable the fast startup, click on Start and go to the Control Panel. Next, inside the Control Panel navigate to the Power and select ‘What power button does’. After that select, the Change settings present under the Define power buttons. Now you need to scroll down to locate Turn on fast startup option. Once you can track the option, users need to untick the option. After disabling the fast startup feature, users need to save all the changes and close the tab.

Check Hardware

In this method, users need to unplug all the external device from their system. Hence users need to disconnect the external hard drive and flash drive and restart the machine. Then power on your PC to verify the issue. If you are not getting the error, then reconnect all the devices one by one.

If you again face the same after plugging any particular device then fix or replace the device. Users can also update their device driver or change the tool entirely.

Verify Software Compatibility

Verify Software CompatibilityIf the Watchdog violation issue persists then the software may not be compatible to support your PC. Issues like this can also arise if the users have made changes to their PC. As we have discussed earlier, that users are getting the problem after upgrading their Windows platform or OS. However, if you are not sure about the changes then do a System Restore to eradicate the problem.

Thus to do a system restore open Control Panel. After that click the small icons and select System from the menu. Next, choose system Protection and then select System Restore button. After that, you need to create a restore point so create a restore point and tap Next. Then tap Yes to run the process and then restart the system.

Do A Proper Disk Check

Do A Proper Disk CheckA blue screen of death generally signifies there can be a disk problem in your system. To examine whether disk in perfect condition users needs to perform a Disk check. Thus go to Start tab and type cmd and run the Command Prompt. Make sure you open the Command Prompt with the help of an administrator. After that, you will get a message asking for your permission click Yes to initiate the process. Now write chkdsk/f/r then tap enter through your keyboard. Once you are inside the disk, you will get a message for the system hit Y to complete the process. Thus from the next time Disk check will start at time user boot their computer. The process is quite lengthy and can take several minutes, so users need to be patient while performing this task.

Use Event Viewer

Use Event ViewerThis hack cannot fix your problem, but it will find the faulty device or driver that is triggering DPC Watchdog error.

So to use the tool, open the Event viewer with via Windows logo and X keys. After that tap Windows logs and then System. Now check the Error and Warnings. By clicking these two options, users will get detail info of faulty drivers.

Upgrade SSD Firmware

If you use SSD(Solid State Driver) on your PC, then it is better to upgrade the device. To download the latest driver users need to go to the manufacturer’s site and select the compatible version.  

But first, launch File Explorer and choose My Computer and then tap Manage. Then, go to the computer management select Device Manager. Then locate the SSD you are using from the menu of Disk drives. Next, determine the model number of the SSD head to the official site and search recent version of firmware. Once you can find the appropriate SSD then tap the device download and install it.

Fix System Files

Fix System FilesUsers can also fix the DPC Watchdog error on their computer by scanning the system files. Thus if you want to scan the system files then enter Command Prompt as an administrator. Next, type SFC/scannow and execute the code by tapping enter. Once you run the command, it automatically inspects and detects the error or faulty files. And it will resolve the error by removing the corrupt files and replacing with the new one.


DPC Watchdog violation error is a major problem for every Windows users. When the error appears, then you need to restart your PC to prevent the issue. But as you restart your machine, you also lose some valuable data as well. Thus if you want to save your computer from frequent data loss, then you need to resolve the issue in a practical way. Thus go through the list of solutions as mentioned above and try to stop code DPC watchdog violation Windows 10.