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Troubleshoot Dell Error Code 2000 0333 In The Comfort Of Your Home

Since its inception, Dell is a household name delivering quality products. It is well known for tackling both the software and hardware industry. Most of the users use Dell laptops and prefer it over other brands. Its robust features and performance suits professional as well as personal needs. Alongside, it is affordable and comes with a stylish appearance. Despite that, some troubles appear on the laptops at times. One of them is Dell error code 2000 0333 appearing primarily on Dell Inspiron model numbers 1545 Notebook and 6400.

If you are facing similar troubles, then you are on the right page. We will discuss the symptoms and solutions of this glitch shortly. So, stay with us till the end to resolve the problem.

Brief Overview On Dell Error Code 2000 0333

This particular glitch is not common among Dell users. But in recent years, few models like Inspiron Notebook, Dell Vostro are facing issues while starting. According to the customers, notifications are popping up and the machine is becoming slow. The message reads “Vostro error code 2000-0333”. And some reasons are stated at the bottom of the screen.

Though some solutions are also given, most of them follow complex steps. It can be difficult for you if you are not a tech-savvy person. But you can keep the worries at bay since there are some simple hacks to resolve the glitch. Before you apply them, know a little more about the issue.

Symptoms Of  Inspiron and Dell Vostro Error Code

Though this technical glitch can appear out of nowhere, there are some signals and signs that must not be missed. One of them is a blue screen. Few users have also encountered a pitch black screen in their devices as well. A pop up notifies that the graphics card is destroyed or missing. In short, it is complex and can stunt you if you are a new user.

  1. The issue begins when the Laptop or Notebook does not display any picture.
  2. A notification appears and states that the video card is not inserted.
  3. Further, you might receive a notice that the Graphics test has failed.
  4. As a result, the screen appears completely blue or with fine lines on the screen. Rarely, you may also encounter a pitch black screen.
  5. The problem can occur while you are working on your laptop. If that is the case, the active window will crash and the device will suddenly stop working.
  6. The keys will become unresponsive or sluggish.
  7. Dell computer users often complain that the Operating System is badly affected.
  8. An unusual thing also happens. A pattern of beeps follows before the Dell computer falls asleep. Keep in mind the number and speed of beeps since they are cue points for resolving the problem.

Saying this, you might find that the diagnostic tools are ready with their solutions. But you can mess up with the steps. Anyway, before we help you with simple solutions let us know the causes.

Resolve Dell Error Code 2000 0333: Acute Reasons For This Glitch

Dell logo error code can occur due to several reasons. Troubles with the graphics or video card, motherboard failure among others are some of the reasons why this error code occurs. In addition to that, there can be a hardware issue. Every part of the machine has a limited life time. If that lapses, similar error codes pop up. This situation can turn worse if the keyboard abruptly stops working. Often users complain that the solutions given by the Windows Troubleshooter does not work. The Dell logo screen and Windows key go missing. To summarize:

  1. The video or graphics card stop working because of internal glitch or warranty issues.
  2. At times, the motherboard shows signs of unrest. It fails to start or stops in the midway.
  3. There can be a glitch with the Windows key or the Operating System itself. Corrupted OS can accidentally remove or delete the important software and files.
  4. Several error codes can appear on the screen if the diagnostic tools are not utilized in the given time. For example, the color bars might stop blinking if they are not pressed at the correct time.
  5. A series of beeps also known as beep code work in the background while you notice this error. We will discuss more about it in the next section.
  6. Similarly, configuration errors in the system files and folders can create such issues as error code 2000-0333.
  7. Incompatible machine parts like the BIOS hardware, damaged files are all responsible for this glitch.
  8. Faulty drivers might not detect the GPU card.

The list is endless but the unique part of the code is its beep sound.

More About Motherboard Failure

One of the prime reasons for faulty video card is the motherboard failure. Honestly, there are no exact steps to fix it. But you can follow a few steps to keep the motherboard active. First, make sure there is no misconfiguration with the BIOS system hardware. Second, the power button must work actively.

Third, the inner cords must be wrapped in shields so that during a power failure or short circuit the motherboard is not affected. Finally, install all the components of the machine effectively.

Beep Code

The machine emits several beep sounds before the message comes on the screen. For example, the pattern 3-3-4 means that the video memory test has stopped midway. Likewise, pattern 3-4-1 would mean that the screen initialization was not complete. There are other beep records as well. Therefore, it is necessary to listen to the sounds for removing the glitch. Also, read the message that appears on the screen carefully.

Simple Methods To Fix Dell Error Code 2000 0333Run PSA diagnostics

Follow the simple steps to resolve Dell Error Code 2000 0333 on your own. First, we will run the diagnostics mechanism. It is found inside the chip of the computer and is a part of the in-build troubleshooting process. Make sure you do not miss out any step.

  • Switch on the computer or the device and turn to PSA Diagnostics.
  • Then, navigate to the Dell logo and tap on the F12 icon. It is present on the top column on the left. If the key is absent, then tap on the 0 icon on the screen of the Dell logo.
  • A boot option will come up. On that menu, use the Down arrow button and tick off the Diagnostics.
  • Now, tap on the Enter button to start the procedure.
  • A detailed error list will appear. Note them down for the next step.
  • Now, use the note and check the meaning of it. Down below, you will also find a panel asking you to proceed with the function or stop midway. It is advisable not to move back and press the Enter button for continuing the process.
  • The operation will take time. So, have patience. Once it’s over, the glitch will vanish. If not, move to the next solution.

Alternative Way To Fix Dell Vostro ErrorCheck Graphics Card

If the F12 key trick does not work for the machine, try to reinstall the video card. Switch off the computer and open the CPU. Carefully remove the Graphics card. You might find some scratches or signs of tear. Replace it with a new one and install it via the slot. Once the remove and reinstall process is over, run the diagnostic program for eliminating the problem.

You can also reinstall a graphics card before touching the CPU case. But be careful. In case none of the methods work, you can consult Dell technical support.

Wrapping Up

As you see that various troubles can lead to the Dell error code 2000 0333. From hardware glitch to software issues, the problem can originate from anywhere. There are few solutions as well which can eliminate the trouble. However, as a user do not overlook the signs of misconduct. All we can hope that this article was helpful and y6ou could eliminate the glitch effectively.