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How To Solve The Canon Pixma Printer Error 6A80

The Canon Pixma printer error 6A80, a member of the general/common error codes which pops up in this model of Canon printer quite frequently. According to the users, this error code primarily appears on their printer after heavy usage or if they try to use the printer after a very long time. Apart from that, a handful of users also face this error after a cartridge change, mostly when they are using any third-party ink cartridges. Now, if you are one of those users who is facing this error code on a daily basis, then in this article we have provided some effective tricks and tips by which you can solve this error code permanently.

Now, without wasting any time, let’s have a look at them. But, before you move your attention to the solutions, let us give you a small idea about its causes.  

Prime Causes of the Canon Pixma printer error 6A80

Generally, an error code informs the users about the problematic factors of a device. And that same rule implies to this error code also. Some of the problematic factors are given in the section below. Have a look at them:

  1. Printer Head Malfunction
  2. Clogged Cartridge Nozzles
  3. Paper Jam
  4. Improper printer settings

Now, you just need to compare your printer’s situation with the causes of this error code and then apply solutions according to it. Some of the prime solutions of the error 6A80 is given in the next section of this article, try to apply them properly.

Ways to Solve the Canon Pixma printer error 6A80

There are many possible ways by which you can fix this error code. However, a printer consists of both the hardware and software parts and both of them have their specific problematic factors. That’s why to remove this error code from your Canon printer, you have to apply solutions according to the problematic factors.

In the below-section we have provided some of the effective solutions of this error. Try to solve them instructed in this article.

  1. Move the Print Head from side to side

The first solution that you need to use is a manual one. In this method, you have to move the cartridge carriage from left to right for three times. After that, the cartridge dispersing moment will smoothen out and this thing will eliminate one of the prime cause of this error.

  1. Clean the Cartridge Nozzles

Sometimes, the cartridge nozzles get jam due to excisive use. This thing creates lots of printing problems and error codes in the printers. However, this issue is quite easy to solve with some manual tweaking.

To do that, move the brush to clean the cartridge nozzles on the right side of the printer where ink cartridges rest. And while doing it, move it carefully, in order to remove the jam without any further hiccups.

  1. Remove the paper jam

Now, if any kind of paper jam has occured in your printer previously then it is quite possible that some small pieces of those paper are still present in your printer. And those paper pieces are causing the paper jam issue once more.

If the paper jam issue is generating this error code in your printer, then to solve it, you have to clean out your printer once more and proper.

To carry out this cleaning task first, you have to open up your printer and then with the help of a blower flush out all the small paper pieces and dust. However, in some situations, you might find a big chunk of paper is stuck in your printer. On that moment, try to remove it carefully. While doing that, make sure to wear gloves and other protective materials.

  1. Reset your printer

The next solution that you should use against this error code is the printer rest method. It is one of the oldest troubleshooting tricks but works quite well in this error code situation.
To perform the printer rest method follow the given steps

  1. First, turn off your Printer
  2. Then press the Black Photocopy + Stop / Reset + on and off button simultaneously.
  3. After that release the on and off button first and when the printer wakes up, release all other buttons together.

Now, you just need to connect your printer with your system to check the existence of the error code.

To End It Up

We hope that our solutions are helpful to you with the Canon Pixma Printer Error 6A80 situation. For more tech related contents, stay tuned with our us.