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Solve The Outlook Error 0x8004102a: One Stop Technial Solution.

Outlook is a web-based client created by Microsoft for the users. It is a free email server application. To use this application, users need to have a proper internet facility and a computer or a suitable device. But it also has an added advantage that you can check the emails without an internet connection. To avail, this interactive feature user needs to configure the accounts on MS outlook desktop clients. However, sometimes while setting the accounts user get outlook error 0x8004102a.

It is an outlook connector error that occurs due to the changes in the folder, and the user cannot locate the folder. Problems can also occur when the folder gets deleted from the MS Outlook.  The user can also witness this kind of issue if they delete a calendar or secondary folder accidentally in the outlook connector. So let us check the various ways to resolve outlook error 0x8004102a.mj

Things You Need to Know To Resolve The Outlook Error

If you are witnessing the outlook error on your system, then you can efficiently troubleshoot the problem. Users need to follow specific guidelines to troubleshoot this kind of issues. Here are some few proven techniques as listed below.

Configure Account With MS Outlook using Hotmail Connector

Users can access their Outlook email account via MS Outlook with the help of Outlook Hotmail Connector software. But you need to know that the Hotmail connector application should be of 32 bit. To reconfigure the account in MS Outlook users need to have Outlook Hotmail on their computer. Hence install the Hotmail application and after that open the MS Outlook on the machine. After opening the application go to the File tab tap on Info and select add account option. Now choose ‘Manually Configure the server settings’ or ‘Additional Server’ and then click Next.

Search for MS Outlook Hotmail Connector. Select Next to continue the process. Once you have completed the task enter name, email address and other credentials hit OK. After that, a dialog box will appear, click on Finish to complete the process.

For MS outlook 2003 and 2007 open the MS Outlook on your computer. Click Outlook Connector to create an account and follow the same process as given above.

Troubleshoot Outlook Connectivity Problem For Not Downloading Hotmail Emails

If the problem persists then in this case, you need to resolve the connectivity issue for MS outlook. First, terminate the Outlook application. Next, delete the SRS files from the given folder.  “C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook”.

Then take the backup of these files to delete it entirely from your system. After that select the web email like POP-3 or HTTP and tap Next to continue the process. A new window will open where you need to insert your name, email and other relevant details. They will also ask about account type, outgoing or incoming servers, etc. to give all the crucial information.

Now go to the option of More settings and there click on Outgoing servers to verify SMTP for authentication. When the SMTP authentication is completed, click on the Advanced and type ‘995’ in the incoming server. Select the checkbox because the server needs an encrypted connection. Also, enter 587 and in the Outgoing server and choose TLS and click OK.

When the testing is complete, then click the next option and then hit the finish button to terminate the Window. If you follow all the instruction, then we assure that the outlook error 0x8004102a will get eradicated from your computer.

Troubleshoot the Issue that caused by A Mail Folder Or Secondary Calendar

These kinds of problems generally occur due to the problem in the Mail folder or Secondary Calendar. So to resolve the Outlook error problem open the Microsoft Outlook Profile to connect the Hotmail account. Select the folder icon in the bottom corner of Outlook to get access to all folders. In the folder list look for Outlook Hotmail Connector’s account and choose Sync Subfolder.

Search for “Folder Name” that is causing the error. If such folder exists then use this hack to nullify the error. Go to Hotmail on Microsoft Outlook to navigate the error folder. Copy the folder and change the name of the folder temporarily. In this way, you can resolve the outlook problem on your system.


Microsoft Outlook is a new version of Hotmail. This change took place when the Microsoft bought Hotmail. So if you are witnessing any issue related to MS Outlook then fix the issue by yourself. With the help of the proper set of instruction, users can resolve the problem with ease.