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Solve: How To Block Ads On Safari?

Safari is one of the most graphical web browsers application specially designed for iDevices. However, there are frequent users who use this web browser application on their iDevices and get puzzled with its Ads on features. It seems quite frustrating when you are surfing on the Internet and the Ads continuously flashing up on the screen. This issue generally happens due to an abnormal setting in the Safari application. So, if you are frustrated with the Ads on features on your browser and looking for how to block Ads on Safari, then this is the right page. In this content, we will explore all the probable causes for this error and also the effective solutions to eliminate this issue as shortly as possible.

Probable Causes behind Ads Flashing up on Safari

If you are frustrated with the Ads on service on your Safari web browser, then there might be several reasons behind this issue. If the Safari web browser is out of date or you have mistakenly changed some settings, then it will result in this issue within Safari browser. A browser’s cache or the junk files will also result in the Ads fashing up on the screen. However, you can easily settle this issue by implementing some of the efficient hacks that we will elaborate in the next section.

Easy Methods on How to Block Ads on Safari iPhone

If you want to know how to block Ads on Safari iPhone, then we have prepared a few effective methods to resolve this issue in a flicker of time. You can go through either one of these methods or all the methods until you have the problem settled.

Method 1: Block Ads by Installing the AdBlocker for Safari from the Legacy AdBlock Extension

AdBlocker is an excellent application you can download from the App store or from the Mac store in order to block the Ads on your Safari web browser. Go through the steps below to complete the Ad blocker for iPad Safari task.

  1. At first, if you do not the AdBlocker application installed on your iDevice, you need to download and install the application at the very first place on your device.
  2. After completing the installation, launch the application and click the ‘We’ve made changes to AdBlock’ option from the left-top corner of the application.
  3. Now, when the AdBlock’s options open, click on AdBlock for Safari iPad or choose the AdBlock for Safari iPhone from the list.
  4. After the App Store preview page opens, click on ‘View in Mac App Store’ option to install the feature.
  5. Now, click on Open, when the installation completes and then an AdBlock app window will open.
  6. Click on AdBlock from the Preferences window in Safari and choose the check-boxes beside the AdBlock Engine and AdBlock icon.
  7. Deselect the checkbox beside the AdBlock title to Disable the Legacy Extension feature and then, pick the Start AdBlock at Login option.

After completing all the above steps, close all the windows and leave the app running in the background. This will allow the computer or the device to update the filter lists in the background. Now, restart the iDevice and check if the Ads are still flashing up on the Safari browser or not. If the issue still continues, try another solution below.

Method 2: Disable and then Enable the Safari App on iPad

There might be several problems stuck with the application, then you need to disable the service and enable it back to check if the problem is resolved. Hence, drive through the steps given below in order to settle this issue on your iDevice.

  1. At first, press the Home Menu button on your iPhone and drive to the Settings tab and click on that to open the action.
  2. Now, locate the General option and then, tap the Restrictions option from the list.
  3. Enter the Passcode if prompted to enter the Restrictions window and then you will see a list of all the active applications.
  4. Once you enter the action, locate Safari and toggle the switch Off.
  5. Now, exit all the windows and do the same to Enable the feature back.

After completing all the above steps prominently, restart your iDevice and check if the Ads still flashing on the Safari application or not. If still, you are unable to settle that issue, try another solution below.

Method 3: Erase the Browsing History and Data on Safari

In case, the Ads flashes on your iPhone’s screen, then there might be some browsing history or bad data affecting the application internally. In that case, you need to delete all the browsing history and the data in order to eliminate this issue. Go through the steps given below to turn Off the Ads on service on your browser.

  1. At first, tap the Home menu key on your iPhone to open the Settings tab.
  2. After the Settings tab opens, drive to the Safari option which is at the very bottom of the list.
  3. Now, scroll down the list and locate Clear History and Website data which is again at the very bottom of the list.
  4. Click the option to open it and then tap on Confirm to clear all the History and Data on Safari.
  5. After that, go back to the Settings and then select the Safari from the very bottom of the list.
  6. Navigate to the Advanced tab from the options and locate Block Pop-Ups and Fraudulent Website Warning option.
  7. Swipe the Green key to turn On the Block Pop-Ups option and then close all the windows.

After completing all the above steps, restart the device and check if the Ads on still flashing on Safari. If still, you are incapable to settle this issue, try another solution below.

Method 4: Uninstall all the Unwanted Applications on iPhone/iPad

A third-party application or an unwanted application allows the web browser to flicker the Ads. Hence, you need to uninstall all those applications which are creating this disturbance on your device. Go through the steps given below in order to terminate this issue.

  1. At first, make sure which application you need to remove from the system and then, slowly tap and hold the application until it starts to wiggle and an “X” mark appears on the very top of the application.
  2. Now, when the “X” marks appear, tap on that mark and select the Delete option, when the iPhone gives you the option.
  3. Do the same process one by one for all those affected applications.

After finishing all the above steps, restart your iPhone and check if the Ads still flashing on the Safari. If still, it happening, try another solution below.

Method 5: Update the Safari on the iPhone/iPad

If none of the above methods worked, then you must try updating the Safari on your iPhone/iPad. An outdated version of Safari will always allow the Ads to flash on the screen. Hence, go through the steps given below to update Safari.

  1. At first, you need to install the latest version of the iTunes application on your computer in order to complete the task.
  2. Now, connect your iDevice to your computer via USB and then, open the iTunes service.
  3. After connecting to the iTunes service, select your device and click on the Summary tab.
  4. Now, click on ‘Check for Updates’ and after that iTunes will automatically start searching if there any latest version of Safari is available for your device.
  5. After the search completes and if there are any newer version of Safari found, simply click on that application.
  6. Now, click on Download and then, enter the Passcode if prompted. Click on ‘Download and Install’.

At last, when the installation completes, restart your device and check if the issue is resolved.


We have shared our experience on how to block Ads on Safari iPhone. You can go through either one of these solutions or all the solutions in order to eliminate the Ads on services on Safari web browser. The first method we have discussed above is the paid service and you need to purchase that application from the Apple store in order to fix this issue. Hope, the above article was helpful enough to assist you on how to block Ads on Safari. In case, the issue still persists and if still, the Ads are flashing up on the screen, you can take an expert’s help. Lastly, we counsel you to drop your valuable feedback below in the comment segment to let us know about your experience.