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A Complete Guidance On Setup Canon Printer Pixma TS6100 Wireless: Easy Steps

Canon produces the printers which happen to be really distinguished ones in this era fo progressive technology. If you have already bought a new Canon printer, specifically the Canon Pixma TS6100, but don’t exactly know how could you setup Canon printer Pixma ts6100 wireless, then, you are probably on the aptest page. This article consists of a step by step guide to perform the action without any hassle. So, try to follow the steps which are provided in this section.

Setup Canon Printer Pixma ts6100 wireless: Quickly Set It Up Here

Here is a step by step guide to complete the action. For the proper setup Canon printer Pixma ts6100 wireless, follow these:

  1. At first, be sure about whether your printer is turned on.
  2. If you notice that the power is on, then you will be able to see the ON lamp (A) will be lit.

In case If your printer performing the cleaning, print head alignment, or other processes, then try to follow these steps:

  1. At first, try to wait for the process to be completed and after that, start the setup process.
  2. Tap on the HOME button (B)  which is situated on the printer.
  3. If you notice that, the error screen starts displaying, then tap on the option Ok after that press and hold the HOME button.
  4. Now, tap on the option which is Network status (C).
  5. Choose LAN settings.
  6. Click on the Wireless LAN.
  7. Choose the Wireless LAN setup.
  8. Once done, you have to select a connection method.

Take note that, in some cases, the internet connection may become temporarily unavailable during the setup process.

To the Last

Here are some simple hacks and tricks, using which you will be able to troubleshoot this particular matter on your own. In order to complete the steps hassle freely, you have to follow the provided steps thoroughly. In case if you encounter any kind of system glitches while performing the steps provided in this article, then you can leave a comment in the comment section. If you found this article helpful, then, you can also encourage us via your valuable comments.