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Service Registration Is Missing or corrupt- Get Instant Solution

If you are getting the issue of missing or corrupt service registration then this article is for you. Updating windows or other software in an accurate way to eradicate glitches or bugs from the machine. By updating you can protect your PC from several critical issues. You can also prevent viruses or malware from harming your computer.

But in some situation when the user tries to upgrade their PC, the process gets stopped in the middle. It generally happens due to some technical issues or for security reasons. Due to the abnormal interruption of the operation of the update, users get the message of service register corrupt or missing. We assume that you tried to troubleshoot this problem it didn’t make any difference.

Don’t worry the situation is still under control. In this article, we provide you with some cool tips and tricks to fix service registration problem.

Tricks to resolve the Service registration is missing or corrupt

The service error is a general issue that can arise during the Windows 10 update. You can go through our proven techniques and fix the error by yourself. Hence go through the list and take necessary action to solve the issue.

Scan System Registry

If you are encountering service registration error, then scan the registry of your system. A user can check the registry of their computer with the help of repair tool. There are several utility tools available online, install a quality repair tool to scan system registry. With the help of a registry scanning tool, you can easily troubleshoot this particular problem. Not only that by utilizing such tools, but the user can also increase the performance level of their computer.

Verify The Windows Services are Working Or Not

The user can also troubleshoot the issue by checking their Windows services and update. The error can also occur if the update service is not working properly. To verify these services tap Windows and R to start the Run. Then enter service.msc in the box and tap enter. By doing this, you will get the list of all services that currently present or working in your PC.

A new tab will open, scroll through the list and look for Windows Update. Click on Services and then select Properties. Then go to the General tab and choose the Startup type. Place the cursor on the dropbox to see all available options. Once the process is complete click on Apply to save the process.

Restart your computer after changing the properties of Windows update. Try to launch the Windows update again and see the issue is gone or not.

Fix Service Error Message Using System File Checker

Windows comes with a useful tool, the System File Checker. This tool helps to detect corrupt files on your system. You can find the application on every version of Windows.


Hence, run SFC on your sytem and see if the error gets resolved. While running the SFC, your system will generate three signals that are

  • It has detected some corrupt files
  • The application repaired the corrupt files or
  • Windows Resource protection unable solve some errors.

Thus to launch the system file checker go to Task Manager from the Start menu or with the help of Run tool. Next, select files from the top left corner and choose to run a new task.

Then you need to type “Powershell” in the box, tick the option that says create a new task with the administrator. Once you are inside the Windows PowerShell, type in “sfc/scannow” and hit enter to continue the process. The SFC will take time to troubleshoot the issue so be patient.

If Windows notifies that it cannot fix the error, then you can delete the files in the Powershell. The Powershell will download all the faulty files from Windows servers.

Resolve Service Problem by Creating an Account

You can also get rid of the service registration missing issue by creating a new account in Microsoft account.

To fix this error go to the administrator by writing settings in the menu. After that choose Family and Users and then tap the option to add someone else. From here, Windows will instruct you with help of a wizard how you can create a recent account. A new window will appear you need to tap don’t have sign in information.

Once the task is complete select the window and enable a user without Microsoft. Fill up all the necessary information make sure you opt for a simple password. Then enter the username and password for the account and tap signout and finish to end the process.

After making the local account user can easily migrate it to the new account and transfer all the essential files and data. Now again navigate to settings and select sign in with Microsoft option. Provide all the details correctly and verify the new update is functioning or not. If you are no longer getting the service registration error then clear the older account.

Reset the windows with The Assistance Of the Batch files

Last and final option to get out of this error is by resetting Windows update with the help of batch file. Batch files has all the essential instruction so you can give it a shot with this application. To Fix the service registration missing or corrupt issue download the batch the file from an appropriate location. Choose the File and run it as an administrator. Once the command is terminated successfully, restart your machine and the error message will not appear anymore.


These are the few techniques you can follow at the time of service registration problem. The problems like this take ample amount to get resolved. Thus user needs to be critical while troubleshooting the issue. Since one precious mistake can affect the whole process of fixing. So be careful and follow the steps as mentioned above and solve the issue.