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Samsung M2880FW Xpress Mono Laser All-In-One Printer Setup: A Practical Guide


The Samsung M2880FW Xpress mono laser all-in-one printer is popular among the users due to many exciting features. It allows them to print, copy, scan, and fax by means of wireless connection. It also enables various value-added functions like WPS and Mobile NFC to ensure users can connect the printer easily to the nearest wireless networks. This multi-functional Xpress printing device from Samsung offers high-quality printouts to its users. However, in order to make sure that you can utilize most of this printer, the setup has to be perfect. So, if you aren’t aware of the correct method to carry out the Samsung M2880FW Xpress mono laser all-in-one printer setup, keep reading this article.

Here, you will come across step-by-step instructions to install Samsung’s multi-purpose printer on your system. You will also get to learn the list of OS versions, which supports the setup program for the M2880FW Xpress mono laser printer from Samsung.

Benefits of Setting Up Samsung M2880FW Xpress Mono Laser All-in-One Printer

Before you go much deeper into the Samsung M2880FW Xpress mono laser all-in-one printer setup process, know its importance first. Hence, to get aware of its beneficial features, you can check out the following points.

  • This Samsung printer offers basic properties to the users in order to monitor various activities. So, you will get seperate tabs for paper, graphic, advanced and other basic functions. You can even cancel a printing task quickly as compared to any other printer model with similar specifications.
  • With this printer, you can experiment with different formats including poster, booklet, and double-sided printing. It also enables the users to print only selective areas on the entire web browser.
  • The Samsung M2880FW Xpress printer is quite suitable for trying advanced formats including overlay, and watermark printing. Hence, you can easily add watermark, or overlay format to the documents before taking printouts.
  • You can connect a USB based device to this printer and print documents or images directly. It also enables secured and encrypted features during printing activities.
  • If you are looking for an eco-friendly printer, this Samsung Xpress model provides some unique properties. It automatically reduces the usage of paper and the ink to protect the environment and prevent wastage.
  • The M2880FW Xpress mono laser all-in-one printer setup utilizes Samsung Universal Print driver. Hence, you can download and install this universally compatible software and perform the setup for any Samsung printer.
  • You can also configure the printer’s settings at a single location with the help of Samsung Easy Printer Manager.

Instructions to Setup your Samsung M2880FW Xpress Mono Laser All-in-One Printer


If you want to install this multi-purpose printer on your system, you need to apply the correct steps. In order to prevent any installation error, you can go through the following Samsung M2880FW Xpress mono laser all-in-one printer setup process.

First, you need to download the latest version of Samsung Printer Software Installer to initiate the setup. This web-based installation program can help the users to search for the appropriate drivers as per the printer’s model. Otherwise, you can visit the official website of Samsung printer and look in the downloads section for software and driver.

If you are downloading the printer installer on your Mac OS X based device, the following steps can help. Here, you will get to learn the steps to perform the setup for Samsung M2880FW Xpress mono laser printer in various ways. This includes connection via USB, network installer and wireless connection. So, let’s discuss the installation method one by one for installing your Samsung all-in-one printer on Mac based systems.

Setup Process Using USB Connection

If you are installing the Samsung M2880FW Xpress printer by connecting via USB, go through the following steps.

Right after downloading the installer package for your printer, search the folder for Samsung Printer Installer. Usually, you will get this file in the name of Samsung Printer.pkg, which you need to double-click.

As the installer opens, you will have to tick the box for ‘I have reviewed and accept agreements for installation’. Then hit the ‘Next’ button and choose the option of ‘USB’ below the section of ‘Printer Connection Type’. Once again click on the tab of ‘Next’ and switch on your printer after connecting it to your Mac.

Allow the software to connect to locate the drivers necessary for performing the Samsung M2880FW Xpress mono laser all-in-one printer setup. You can also choose the software manually that you wish to install using the installer.

Hit the ‘Next’ button after selecting the list of software and type your username and password to make changes as admin. Finally, click on ‘OK’ if the system prompts you to confirm this action and wait for Mac to install the Samsung printer. Once, the installer finishes the setup process, click on ‘Finish’ button and test print anything to check the result.

Steps for Printer Connected to Network Using Ethernet

If you want to learn the installation steps for a network connected Samsung printer, try the following steps.

Open the Samsung Printer.pkg file on your system and tick the installation agreements checkbox. Then click on ‘Next’ and select the option of ‘Network’ instead of ‘USB’ in the previous method.

After this, hit the tab for ‘Next’ and choose the option of ‘Yes, I will set up my printer’s network’. However, you will have to modify the printer’s network configuration in order to perform this setup. So, after selecting this feature click on ‘Next’ and examine the Ethernet cables properly.

You need to make sure that the cables are connecting to accurate Ethernet ports in between router, printer, and PC. Hence, after connecting your Samsung printer using an Ethernet cable, allow the installer to detect it. If you find the printing device from M2880FW Xpress series, select the device and hit ‘Next’.

Once again you may have to enter your username and password to log in as admin and confirm the printer setup. Finally, click on the tab for ‘Finish’ and your printer will be connected to your desired network.

You can follow the steps discussed in the above sections to proceed with Samsung M2880FW Xpress mono laser all-in-one printer setup using a wireless connection. In case, you aren’t tech-savvy and want professionals to help, you can consult a technician. They can provide more detailed information on installing Samsung devices including M2880FW Xpress mono laser multi-purpose printer.