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Samsung M2020 Printer Setup Guide [Step-by-Step]

With its high-end products and its efficient performance, Samsung is the top of the digital markets for years. In addition, when it comes to laser printing, Samsung provides some amazing features in the Samsung M2020 laser printer. It provides high-quality and easy to use print fast connectivity with a standard Hi-speed USB 2.0. This is one of the best laser printers among all launched by Samsung. In addition, Samsung printer series features easy eco-drivers. This feature ensures that the printing is easy which helps to reduce the use of paper.

Moreover, this printer provides maximum quality printing black up to 1200 x 1200 DPI. The average printing speed of this printer is 20 ppm.  Hence, if you just received this mono laser printer of Samsung, and you do not know the setup procedure then you are in the right place. This article is all about Samsung M2020 printer setup. Therefore, carefully read the entire article. Here, we are going to cover the spares part, setup and installing process of this mono printer.

Unboxing Samsung M2020 Printer

Samsung M2020 Printer is a super compact, reliable, and not expensive printer for home or small office. This printer also has wireless printing capabilities such as NFC and WiFi. So you can print wirelessly from your laptop or smartphone.

Now, take a quick look at the gadgets that come with the printer. The first thing you will find after unboxing is a quick installation and the wireless set up guide. The second thing is the USB and power cables. After that, comes the most important thing, that is the installation driver disc. If you do not find an optical disc driver, just go online and download the required drivers from the official website of Samsung. Before turning on your printer, you must remove all the tapes and packaged materials from the outside and inside of the printer. After that, remove the toner cartridges and lightly shake it to distribute the toner evenly. Then, placed the toner cartridges in its place.

Steps to Follow for Samsung M2020 Printer Setup

After removing all the tapes and packages from the printer, you need to set up the printer. To do so, follow the steps mentioned in the below.

Step 1

At first, load some paper into the input tray. Then, push the paper out width guides until they stop. Next, load the paper and adjust the guides. Then push the input tray.

Step 2

After that, remove the twist from the power cord and plug one end into the back of the printer. Another end connects with the wall outlet.

Step 3

Now, turn on the printer by pressing the power button. The printer will start initializing. Next, you need to download and install drivers to set up a wireless printer connection.

Step 4

Download the driver and open the folder where the downloaded driver is saved. Double-click on the downloaded file. A pop-up box will appear on your screen. Check the box. Then, hit the Next option.

Step 5

A Printer Setup type window will open where you need to select the printer type. Choose the first option which says New Printer. Now, connect the USB cable and click the Next option. You need to select your WiFi network from the list and hit the Enter button. Then, on the next page, enter the password of your network. With this, the printer has been successfully connected to the wireless network. Finally, disconnect your USB cable and enjoy wireless printing.

Try to print a page and check whether you have successfully set up the printer or not.

Samsung M2020 Printer Setup using the Installation CD

You can also set up the printer with the help of the installation CD. Hence, follow the methods as explained below to perform the action.

Step 1

Take the installation CD out from the packet and load it onto the CD tray of your computer.

Step 2

Open the CD by double-clicking on it. After that, to open the installer, click the Run option. A User account will prompt on your screen. Click Yes to proceed further.

Step 3

Once the installer opens, you have to select the Continue option. Then, press the Customize Software Selection button. Next, hit the Next option.

Step 4

Later, tick on the checkbox to agree on the terms and conditions and then to proceed further, click the Next option.

Step 5

At the connection options screen, you need to choose the Wireless network option and click the Next option.

Step 6

It will scan the wireless network for your Samsung printer. When it finds your printer, choose it from the list displayed on the system’s screen and click the Next option. And that is how you can set up the Samsung printer. To verify, you can print a page.

In the above steps, we have mentioned the setup and installation process of Samsung M2020. Apply the steps and you can easily perform the Samsung M2020 printer setup process. If you face any difficulties while doing this you can refer to the user manual that came with it.