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Samsung Globally Announces UV Sterilizer And Wireless Charger

Samsung has recently announced its new Ultra Violet Sterilizer. The mobile giant has promised all of its customers that the sterilizer will kill up to 99% bacteria and germs on your mobile phone while it is charging wirelessly. Nowadays, maintaining hygiene is one of the most important tasks owing to global pandemic. 

The UV sterilized charger is manufactured by Samsung C & T. It is a company that collaborated with Samsung for the Samsung Mobile Accessories Partnership program (SMAPP). The program is available online for disinfecting your mobile device and other accessories. 

NASEM’s Thought 

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) has stated that the UV rays in the Samsung charger can probably restrict the spread of Coronavirus and other germs. But, you cannot use it on human skin as the ultraviolet rays can damage the skin and as a result, it can cause skin cancer. 

From a scientific perspective, the product cannot guarantee complete safety and protection. In that case, you have to sanitize your hand on your own and wear a mask for sure. 

Samsung Speaks 

The mobile giant has stated that the dual ultraviolet lights of the wireless charger will take just a few minutes to sterilize your gadgets. The rays will be automatically turned off in order to avoid any damage to your device. 

After that, the charger will continue to provide 10 Watts of power to its connected device. Samsung also stated that the charging device is built in such a way that any device with a build of up to 7 inches can fit in it. 

Other Competitors

Not only Samsung but also there are other companies who launched a sterilized UV wireless charging device, last month. Mophie and Invisible Shield have also launched this same device as well. Both of these devices perform the task more or less the same. 

Free Sanitizing Services by Samsung

If you are not willing to pay a single penny on the device and another item’s sanitizing, then Samsung has the facility of free sanitizing services in every Samsung official store in selected countries around the globe. In addition to that, the Samsung service center also has this facility. 


During this pandemic situation, a few experts suggested that people should take care of the handling process of the device. In this way, not only they will be able to charge their mobile device wirelessly but also their mobile phone will not carry any germs and bacteria with it. In this way, they will be able to maintain complete hygienic electronic devices.