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Resolve WordPress Error Log with 8-Effective Hacks

The WordPress error log is one of the most common technical problems faced by numerous windows users. 

In WordPress, the wp-config file will help you to control your WordPress site settings. This will also help you to discover and fix the error on the go.

It contains important WordPress Settings. Other than that, the wp-config file can be utilized to define other parameters. 

Troubleshooting Steps for Fixing WordPress Error Log:

Use these easy steps to fix the WordPress error log location issue permanently. 

Step 1: Open File Manager 

At first, go to the web host management panel and select the “File Manager” option. 

In the next step, go to the hosting provider account. After that, bring up your CPanel or parallel interface and for that, open the “File Manager” option. 

Step 2: Go to the Document Directory

For the website installation process, go to the Document Directory or the Public_html directory. Even you can say this is a subdirectory of the public_html. 

This generally depends on if you are hosting more than one domain with this account. 

Step 3: Make a Backup Of Wp-config.Php. 

To ensure the system, make a backup of wp-config.php. Thus, you can restore the system after you are done with debugging. 

It needs to mention that you can make a backup with the help of the “CPanel File Manager”. Now, a dialog will ask where you want to copy this file. You need to type a filename as you are copying a backup to the same directory. 

Step 4: Open the Wp-config.Php and Insert Lines 

To fix this problem completely, open the wp-config.php and then, insert or edit lines.

The below-mentioned constant explanations need to be added. You have to do that in your wp-config .php file. 

The command which you need to enter is described below. 

define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);

define(‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true);

You will notice that most of the WordPress installations already have an entry. It has an entry for WP_DEBUG set to false. 

After completing the editing, you have to make sure that WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_LOG are all set for true. Ensure that each constant is defined only once. 

Step 5: Repeat the Failed WordPress Operation 

To fix the WordPress error log we advise you to repeat the failed WordPress operation. You will notice that the page on your site or you are experiencing something that as calamitous as your site not coming up at all. 

For that, you need to go to WordPress. After going there, simply replicate the operation procedure. 

Step 6: Go to the WordPress Content Folder and Open the Debug.Log. 

To fix this problem, go to the WordPress content folder and then open the debug.log. 

Next, go to the WordPress content folder. To rename it use the security plugin option. For that, you need to go to the debug.log. 

Now, use the timestamps to look for the line entries. With the proper timestamp, you might see as many as zero, one or even more lines. 

Step 7: Fix Identified Problems or Send Log Information 

To solve this issue, fix the identified problems by yourself. If you want to send log information that also you can do. 

You can act on this information and for that, you need to depend on your level of confidence and understanding. Into an email, you can even copy and paste the latest log entries as well.

Step 8: Restore the Original Wp-config.Php 

In this step, restore the original Wp-config.Php. Finally, remove the wp-config.php which you have completely edited. Moreover, you also need to rename the copy to the wp-config.php. 

Hopefully, you are now able to fix this problem.

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