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Resolve Windows 10 repair boot issue with best-in-class solutions

There are many Windows 10 users who often encounter issues related to boot with the Windows Operating Systems (OS). During this time, rather than attempting to resolve the boot issues, they choose to reinstall the OS. Windows 10 booting process fails because of the issues with the master boot record. Sometimes it can be solved by providing some repairs to the master boot record. Though Windows 10 recovery environment offers an automated option for the repair procedure, in case, it fails to work; you can opt to perform the Windows 10 repair boot manually through the Command Prompt option.

Step-by-Step Process to Repair Master Boot Record in Windows 10:

When you first install Windows on your PC, the Master Boot Record is then created and usually in the first partition that you create. Typically, it is responsible for transferring the program control to the boot sector of that partition and thus it helps in continuing the boot process. But if this MBR gets damaged due to some reasons, then it will restrict you to boot into Windows.

Listed below we have provided some reliable steps which you can follow to repair the damaged MBR:

• Back Up All The System Data

It is better if you back up all the system data without booting into OS. Also, it will be a wise option if you create a system recovery disk, as it avoids the risk of running the Windows Recovery Disk. After you have completed the back-up, you could now repair the MBR disk without any risk and also ensures the fact that both the data and the system are safe.

• Rebuild MBR

For that, at first, you have to select a disk for continuing the process of rebuilding MBR. Then, you have to right-click on the disk and from there, choose the option “Rebuild MBR.” After that, go to the Main Menu and select the disk. Thereafter, choose the option “Rebuild MBR.” Then, in the Rebuild MBR window, you can set up the type of MBR, which you want to rebuild. After this, click on ‘OK’ option. This will add a pending operation of rebuilding MBR.

• Use Command Prompt To Fix The MBR

In general, after the computer restarts several times, you will get to see the Windows Boot Options. If you don’t find this option then you might need the original Windows 10 installation DVD for repairing the Master Boot Record. During this time, you need to go to the Welcome screen and click on the option “Repair your computer.” After that, you can follow the directions described below to open Command Prompt and fix MBR in Windows 10.

1. Choose the following options one by one and accordingly as mentioned here:
“Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Command Prompt.”
2. After Command Prompt appears, you need to enter the following lines one after another and press the Enter after every line:


3. Apart from these, sometimes you have to run some additional commands.
4. After you have provided a command, you have to press Enter and wait for each operation to finish.
5. Then, you can Exit from here and continue to reboot the system.

Resolve UEFI Boot issue in Windows 10:

If you are experiencing problems with the UEFI boot in Windows 10 and don’t know how to fix Windows 10 boot, then you can directly go through the below mentioned steps to fix UEFI boot in Windows 10 PC with ease. Usually, there are two methods which you can try out:

Solution 1: Fix UEFI Boot Error in Windows 10 By Using Diskpart

If you want to prefer these solutions for repair Windows 10 bootloader, you can do so by following the steps described below:

• From Advanced Options, enter the Command Prompt

At first, you have to insert Windows 10 installation disk into the PC and then proceed to Boot from the disk. You have to click on the “Repair your computer” option, or you can also go to the Install now screen by pressing the F8 button. Then, click on the Troubleshoot option and choose Advanced options. After that, select the Command prompt option

  • Run Diskpart to Set Partition ID

Type the below command and hit Enter:

list disk
sel disk 0.”

When you find that the error message “Disk 0 is now the selected disk” appears, you have to type “list vol” and then hit the Enter button. This will show you the full list of UEFI volume on the PC. Then, you have to assign the drive letter by typing in the below command and pressing the Enter button.

  • Repair the Boot Record and Rebuild the BDC Store

For repairing the Boot Record, you have to type the following commands one after another and hit the Enter button.

“cd/d G:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\

After performing these steps, you can continue to rebuild the BDC Store by typing the following command line and hitting the Enter button.
“ren BCD BCD.old”

As soon as the process completes, you need to exit from the Command Prompt option and restart the PC to boot up again.

Solution 2: Repair UEFI Boot Windows 10 By Using The Automatic Repair Option

Windows Automatic repair is a built-up tool in Windows 10 for solving the bootup errors and other common errors. If you apply this method, you have to follow the below mentioned steps:

• At first, you have to boot up Windows from the installation media by inserting Windows 10 installation USB or disk to the PC.
• Then, restart the PC and began to boot from the disk or USB.
• After that, you need to enable Automatic Repair option by clicking on the “Repair your computer” from the Install now screen.
• Then, click on the Troubleshoot option from the Choose an option screen and click on “Automatic Repair” option
• Now, from the list, choose an account for continuing to the Automatic Repair screen
• At last, wait for the process to complete.

As soon as the process gets completed, you can again restart the PC without any further interruptions. Hope the above methods will help you in getting rid of the Windows 10 repair boot issue.