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uTorrent Not Responding Error: Stepwise Instructions To Resolve Download Issues Immediately

A majority of online users utilizes the platform of the uTorrent client to download their favorite files, documents, movies, music and more. But, the problem does arise when you see the client being in a non-responsive mode and freezing the download screen. It can also be accompanied with this error notification stating ‘It seems like uTorrent is already running, but not responding’. Getting this error can also mean that your download progress so far has come to a halt or has been terminated by the server. Hence, this can be really annoying situation, especially when you are in the middle of an important downloading process. So, if you are currently experiencing the problem of uTorrent not responding, check this article for more information.

Here, it will discuss some of the major problems that can prevent the uTorrent from working. Also, you can go through some of the best methods from experts to make uTorrent client respond again.

Reason Why uTorrent is Not Responding on your System

Users can encounter the error of uTorrent not responding due to different types of causes. There can be issues like non-responsiveness because of software problems in your device. Also, some of you can experience this error due to the internal bugs in any application or the lack of permission to certain programs. So, before proceeding with the segment of troubleshooting methods, let’s cover a few possible reasons leading to non-responding behavior of the uTorrent client.

Causes of  the Unresponsive Behavior of uTorrent Client

  • In order to utilize uTorrent for downloading without any limitations, elevated access is a must for the client server. So, if the uTorrent program has some kind of issues with the device’s proxy server, it can stop responding.
  • If your PC is running Windows Firewall, it can be responsible for not allowing uTorrent traffic from websites. Hence, whenever this kind of blockages occurs in the client, it can force uTorrent to freeze on systems.
  • Often, applying certain Windows Update can make unnecessary changes in the installed applications in your PC. So, if any such updates have been applied by the users after installing uTorrent software, this issue can occur.
  • Sometimes, the local configuration files for the uTorrent client can become corrupted due to several reasons. If this is the case in your PC, you won’t be able to download anything on uTorrent.
  • Switching to Windows 10 from any other Windows version can bring in many kinds of software/hardware related problems. Hence, on a few specific computers, upgrading to the latest version can result in uTorrent not responding Windows 10 problem.

Solutions To Consider When uTorrent Stop To Work Or Generate Error Message

In order to fix the problem of uTorrent not responding, you can try the following methods suggested by experts. So, let’s discuss them along with step-by-step guidance and see if it can make uTorrent client respond again.

Method 1- Launch uTorrent with Administrative Privilege

Launch uTorrent with Administrative Privilege

To try this solution, first, open the icon or application for the uTorrent client and right-click on it. Then choose the option of ‘Properties’ and hit the tab for ‘Compatibility’.

Below this section of ‘Settings’, tick the checkbox for ‘Run this program as an administrator’. Now, save these changes by clicking on the ‘Apply’ as well as the ‘OK’ button.

Once you exit the ‘uTorrent Properties’ window and reboot your PC, try to run uTorrent client and see if the error is resolved.

Method 2- Turn Off the Proxy Servers of your Computer

Turn Off the Proxy Servers of your Computer

The error regarding uTorrent not responding Windows 10 is occurring because of proxy server settings, you can apply this solution. So, for disabling the option of proxy server, you have to open the Run dialog box.

Hence, hit the tabs for Windows and R at the same time and write ‘inetcpl.cpl’ in the text field. Then click on the ‘Enter’ button and it will display the ‘Internet Properties’ window.

Next, go to the ‘Connections’ tab and select the option for ‘LAN Settings’. After this, find the checkbox for ‘Use a proxy server for your LAN’ and untick it. Finally, click on the ‘OK’ button and exit the properties window.

However, disabling this feature will not be applicable for VPN or dial-up connections. But, you can launch uTorrent client and see if it’s working after turning off the proxy servers for your Internet connection.

Method 3- Allow the uTorrent Files through the Firewall

Although firewalls are there to protect your PC from malware, viruses and other threats, it can also restrict uTorrent files. Hence, if the server is not responding to your download requests, it can indicate the firewall has blocked uTorrent. Now, to fix this error, you need to change the firewall settings for this download client.

So, click on the Windows Start button and write ‘firewall’ in the search box. If you are using a Windows 10 based computer, select the option of ‘Firewall & network protection’.

Now, click on the expanded view and locate the ‘Allow an app through the firewall’ option. As the new window appears, click on the ‘Change settings’ tab and find the checkbox for ‘uTorrent’. So, you need to select the entries of the uTorrent client and tick the checkboxes for both ‘Public’ and ‘Private’.

If it generates an additional window for confirming these actions, click on ‘Yes’ and exit the window. Hopefully, when you restart your Windows 10, you will be able to run uTorrent without any error.

Method 4- Remove AppData and Fix the Corrupted Files

Remove AppData and Fix the Corrupted Files

.In case, uTorrent has stopped responding due to corrupted configuration files in your PC, this method can resolve it. Hence, hit Windows + R on your keyboard and enter ‘%AppData%\utorrent’ in the Run dialog box.

As you click on the ‘OK’ button, it will display the folder of ‘AppData’ in your Windows-based system. Make sure to remove all the files from this folder and also delete the contents from temporary and local folders. You can then restart your device and launch uTorrent to check if the error is there.

After applying the fixes discussed above, if the issue of uTorrent not responding persists, it means you have to try some advanced solutions. Hence, you can get in touch with a software technician and ask him/her the steps to make uTorrent client respond to download requests.