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Amazing Tips To Resolve Printing Spool error Instantly

Printers have become an important device and are used by a majority user. However, they frequently occur severe issues which becomes difficult to fix. The printing spool error is one of such error which the users often complain. The error may arise if the print spooler service settings are altered. If the print spooler service is not set to automatic, the printer stops working. If you are encountering similar issues, go through the article and know the accurate steps to fix the glitch instantly.

Excellent Methods On How To Fix A Print Spooler Problem

If you are encountering the printing spool error, and do not know the ways to fix it, go through  the following methods given below:

Method 1: Restart The Print Spooler Service

Try to restart the print spooler service to fix the printing spool error immediately. Go through the following steps:

1. From the keyboard, first, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time. The Run dialog box will then open on your computer screen.
2. In the empty box, type the ‘services.msc’, command and then press on the Enter key.
The Services window will then open.
3. Now, you need to click on the Print Spooler option and then select Restart and check if you are still struggling with the error.

Method 2: Check Print Spooler Service

If upon restarting the print spooler service, the error does not, check the print spooler service if it is set to automatic. However, if the service is not set to automatic, the printer will not work. Hence, you need to manually change the settings. Look at the following ways:

1. Click on the Windows logo key and R at the same time.
2. When the Run dialog box appears on your computer screen, type ‘services.msc’ command and then press the Enter key to open the Services window.
3. In the new window, click on the Print Spooler option and then click on the Properties option.
Make sure to modify the Startup type and change it to Automatic.
4. Lastly, you need to select the Apply option and then OK to save all the changes that you created and then check if the printing spool error resolves.

Method 3: Change Print Spooler Recovery Options

Apart from the two methods mentioned above, you can fix the printing spool error by changing the print spooler recovery.  If the settings are incorrect you might encounter the same error.

1. Invoke the Run command by pressing both the Windows and R keys at the same time.
2. Now, type in ‘services.msc’ and then hit Enter key to open Services.
3. Click on the Print Spooler option then select Properties.
4. Choose the Recovery option and then ensure so that all three failure fields are set to Restart the Service. If yes, click on Apply and then on OK to save the changes.
When done, check if this method helped you to resolve the error.

Method 4: Delete Your Print Spooler Files

If none of the methods mentioned above help you to fix the printing spool error, delete the print spooler files. Often removing them helps to fix the glitch instantly. To achieve the same, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. You need to open the Run dialog box upon pressing both the Windows logo key and R together.
2. In the empty field, you need to type the services.msc command and then press Enter to open the Services window.
3. Choose the Print Spooler option and then the Stop option. Minimize the Services window and from the keyboard, you need to press the Windows logo key and E together to open the Windows File Explorer.
4. When the window opens, go to C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS and check if you are prompted with permission. Click on the Continue option.
5. Now, locate the printers folder and then click on the Delete all the files option.
6. Now, open Control Panel and select the View devices and printers option.
7. Locate the printer you are using and then click on it to hit the Remove device option.
8. Click on the Services icon and then select the Print Spooler option. Click on Start.
9. Now select the Devices and Printers icon and click on the blank area and also on the Add a printer option.
10. When the wizard appears on your computer screen, follow the instructions and add your printer again.
11. Finally, check if the error resolves.

Method 5: Update Printer Driver

You can also encounter the printing spool error if you are using a faulty, corrupt, missing or an outdated printer driver. Often upgrading them remove bugs to provide smooth functioning. You can update the driver both manually and automatically.

Manually Update

To manually upgrade the printer driver, visit the manufacturer’s website and locate for the correct and the latest version of the driver. Make sure the driver is compatible with the device you are using. Now, download and install the driver correctly and restart the device when done. Check if the error resolves.

Automatic Driver Update

1. First, you need to run a full scan on your computer. Scanning will detect the problems with your printer driver.
2. When the window appears, you will receive two options: Update and Update All.
3. You can click on either of them. If you click on the Update option, the driver will download automatically, however, you need to install it manually.
4. Alternatively, you can also select the Update All option. Upon choosing this option, both the download and the installation of the driver will be automatic.
5. The process might take a few minutes to finish. When the installation completes, reboot your system and check if the error fixes.