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Comprehensive Aid To Resolve Port Forwarding Not Working Netgear Error

Netgear is known for designing routers which are easy to use through its added features and specifications. With the new look and ease-of-use, users can efficiently manage their router without any hassle. It allows users to use one set of login credentials for all Netgear accounts. Share and stream music or videos, with the new Netgear Genie application from your operating system. Despite its optimum performance and ability to connect and control the home network, users report to encounter specific errors while operating through this router. If you are one of them who are facing port forwarding not working Netgear error, then you need proper help to mitigate this annoying situation. This article proves to be beneficial by providing you with a vivid insight on the port forwarding not working Netgear problem and how you can eradicate it.

Easy Method To Resolve Port Forwarding Not Working Netgear Issue

Let us go through the quick hacks that can eradicate the Netgear genie port forwarding not working problem in a minute. You must follow the methods in the exact series provided for a quick solution.

Method 1: Restart The Router

Restart The RouterRestarting the Netgear router can eliminate if the error is occurring due to a minor glitch. Hold down the power button on your router for 4 to 5 seconds. As soon as the router turns off, unplug all the USB cables and the power cables from the router. Now, wait for a minute or two and then reconnect the wires securely to its accurate position. Note if the problem persists, then move to the next workable solution.

Method 2: Scan Your System For Malware

Scan Your System For MalwareIf your system files are under malware or virus attack, then it might be responsible for interacting with the network connection. If you note that all the web pages are redirecting to any kind of advertisement, then it might be one of the reasons for failure in port forwarding. Scan your system with a certified antivirus program and eliminate all the malicious bug. Then connect your router to the network and check if the Netgear router not port forwarding error gets resolved or not.

Method 3: Change Firewall Settings

Change Firewall SettingsCertain routers have a built-in firewall option which will not allow specific incoming connections and the port forwarding fails to work. You can either turn off the firewall or change the settings in the router’s setup page.
Navigate to the router’s setup page and note whether the security is set to higher, which is rejecting all the inbound policies. Now, navigate to the Firewall Settings and tick mark the box next to ‘Allow Asymmetrical Route’. This change will bypass the Firewall check for all LAN to LAN and WAN to WAN packets along with this disable the SPI option. Finally, click on the Forward option and hit the ‘Apply’ button.

Method 4: Verify The Port Forwarding Rule

If the port is already in another port forwarding rule, then this error may appear. A port can only be forwarded to one computer or IP address at a time. Go to the Network settings and remove the first rule., then it will allow the second port to function accurately.

Method 5: Disable DMZ

Disable DMZOn most of the Netgear router, despite the model number, DMZ overrides the port forwarding rules. Check if the DMZ is enabled or not, as it might be one of the root cause behind the problem. So, whenever you are setting up port forwarding rules, you need to ensure that the DMZ is disabled. Just navigate to the router’s setting and uncheck the box next to the DMZ label.

Method 6: Update The Firmware

Update The FirmwareIf your Netgear Genie application firmware has an infectious bug, then there is a possibility that no port forwarding rule would take place. In this case, you have to update the firmware at the earliest. Follow the steps below to gain the latest updated version:

  • Connect an Ethernet cable to your computer or grant access to the wireless connection.
  • Launch the default web browser from your computer and type in the official address of the router. Hit the Enter key to navigate to the router web setup page.
  • Type in the router username and password, in the blank field. If you have not changed the username and password, then in both the case the dialog box enter ‘admin’ and click on the Next button.
  • Click on the Advanced tab and locate the Administration option.
  • Select the Firmware Update and choose the option Check. This will automatically look for new firmware information.
  • In the search result click on the software which is compatible with your system and hit on the Download button. Wait till the router downloads the firmware and update the version.


After working through each of the steps mentioned above, you must restart the router. This will help the router to determine the recent changes and resolve the port forwarding not working Netgear problem within a flicker of time. Try not to close the browser or load a new page while configuring the router, both at the same time. In a particular situation, there is a possibility that the Netgear router itself might be faulty or the Windows networking might be corrupted. You need to check all the options and note the underlying causes of the router problem. However, in such a case, you are not much acquainted in the technical domain, then seek technical aid to avoid further damages.