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Resolve Panasonic Error E04-01: Effective Ways

While copying documents through a Panasonic photocopier, users often receive error E04-01. This error appears due to an abrupt problem within the thermistor or the fuse lamp of the copier. This is a very common problem that a user might face while working with a Panasonic copier. Thus, in this article, we will discuss some best possible ways, which you can follow to resolve Panasonic error E04-01.

Apparent Causes for Panasonic Error E04-01

Before, resolving the error you should know why this error occurs. Take a glance at a few possible causes that can lead to Panasonic error E04-01:

  1. Using a dusty or defective fuser thermistor.
  2. If the thermistor is improperly placed then, you might receive this error.
  3. If the fuser temperature is not high enough then, you might face the error.

Steps to Fix Panasonic Error E04-01

Since, now you know what can be the reasons, which leads to Panasonic error E04-04, you need to resolve them at the earliest. Thus, go through the methods, mentioned below, to fix Panasonic error E04-01 are listed below:

  1. Cleaning the fuser thermistor.
  2. Properly positioning the thermistor.
  3. Replacing the defective thermistor.
  4. Appropriately connecting the fuser lamp.

Here we are going to discuss the methods in details, so, that you can resolve the issue without any hassle.

Cleaning the Fuser Thermistor

If you are using an unclean fuser thermistor then it can lead to this error. Thus, to resolve the error, clean the fuser thermistor.

Properly Positioning the Thermistor

If the thermistor is not properly placed then the Panasonic error E04-01 might occur. Therefore, place the thermistor properly inside the copier machine, to resolve the issue.

Replacing the Defective Thermistor and Fuser Thermostat

Due to the use of a defective thermistor and fuser thermostat, you might receive an error message. Hence, by replacing the thermistor and then, changing the fuser thermostat can help to resolve the error.

Connecting the Fuser Lamp and PCB

If the fuser lamp and the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is not properly connected then, the copier will not warm up, and thus it can lead to this particular issue. Hence, you need to connect the fuser lamp as well as the HTC PCB in the copier, following a appropriate setup process.

Thus, by following the aforementioned methods, you can easily resolve this issue. Go through all the methods, in the exact series provided, to fix Panasonic Error E04-01 issue without any difficulty.