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Resolve Outlook Error 0x80004001 With Ease

Microsoft Outlook is deemed as a highly secure application that can be used for sending, receiving or storing emails. Other than that, it can also be used as a personal information management tool. More importantly, Outlook is compatible with Macintosh as well as Windows platforms. Its user-friendly interface makes it all the more valuable to both entrepreneurs and students. However, Outlook is not free from technical errors. Outlook error 0x80004001 is one such issue that occurs if a user fails to add PST in Outlook. The error code may pop up because of corrupt system files, hardware or software failure, incomplete installation of Windows or discrepancies in the registry files. Nonetheless, you can resolve the issue by following a few simple methods.

Effective Ways To Fix Outlook 2016 Error 0x80004001

There are some tried and tested ways to resolve the Outlook error code. All you need to do is make sure that you perform the following steps meticulously.

Resolve The Discrepancies In The Antivirus Or Firewall Settings

The antivirus software or Firewall settings can create conflicts with the functioning of Outlook. Therefore, check the settings and fix it to get rid of the Outlook error.

Use Outlook 2016 Interface For Adding PST Files

Use Outlook 2016 Interface For Adding PST FilesYou can add the PST file with the help of Outlook 2016 interface. In order to do that, you can need to first open Outlook 2016 and then click on the ‘File’ tab. After that, you need to navigate to ‘Info’ and then ‘Account Settings’.

On the ‘Account Settings’ window, you need to click on ‘Data Files’ button and then choose ‘Add’. After adding the PST file, you need to click on ‘Ok’.

Avoid Storing The PST File On Network

In case you have stored the PST file on the network, it can result in a corrupted PST file. In addition to that, you need to have the latest backup of the PST file on your system so that you do not lose essential PST file data.

Make Sure The Outlook Account Details Are Accurate

Make Sure The Outlook Account Details Are AccurateYou need to check whether the account details you have entered in your Outlook account are accurate or not. If not, you need to correct it by going to the Outlook account settings.

Use Safe Mode

Use Safe ModeYou might be able to avoid Outlook error codes if you open the application in safe mode. Therefore, open Outlook in safe mode and check whether the issue persists or not.

Repair The PST File

Repair The PST FileThe PST file might get corrupted because of a variety of reasons. The causes include hardware failure, oversized PST files, power failure, software issues or virus/malware attack. In addition, some suspicious emails in your mailbox can also result in a corrupted PST file. You will be able to repair a corrupt PST file in the following manner:

  • Firstly, you can use an inbuilt repair tool for repairing a corrupt PST file.
  • Alternatively, you can also make use of a specialized repairing tool for resolving the issues in a corrupt PST file.

The aforementioned steps can certainly help you to resolve the Outlook error code 0x80004001. However, the solution that might work for you will depend on what caused the error code in the first place.

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