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Know the Effective Fixes to Resolve Lexmark Printer Paper Jam Issue without Any Hassle

Being one of the most trusted printer brands, Lexmark printer also develop various issues that are quite annoying. Most of the users have reported about the paper jam issue while working on a Lexmark printer. Generally, this issue might occur for a number of reasons which include simple human mistakes like improper installation of the paper loading tray, wrong size of paper, incorrect printing layout etc. However, sometimes it occurs because of printer malfunction which rarely happens nowadays. But you can resolve this error with some easy and manual tweaks. Hence, go through this article to know about the best ways for resolving the Lexmark printer paper jam issue without many complications.  

Is your Lexmark Printer Keeps Jamming? Try Out the Trusted Methods!

There are many possible ways by which you can fix the paper jam issue on your Lexmark printer and some of them are given below. Have a look at them and try to apply them as instructed.

Locate And Remove Any Paper Stuck in The Loading Tray of The Lexmark Printer

The paper jam issue of a Lexmark printer at times causes for its paper loading tray. That’s why to fix this issue you have to check the tray at first and then abolish all the problematic pieces paper from there. To do that follow the given steps

  1. First, remove any unwanted pieces paper from the loading tray
  2. Then, press the resume button and check that is your Lexmark printer is working or not.

Sometimes a very large amount of paper gets stuck in the printer. In this situation, you need to follow the given steps.

  1. Now if many sheets of paper are stuck in your  Lexmark printer then you have to remove them one by one, starting for the middle section.
  2. After that, find and remove any remaining bits of paper.

Method 2: Clean Up The Paper Jam From The Rear/Back End Of The Lexmark Printer

If you are unable to reach the paper jam area from the loading tray then you have to perform that task from the back end of the printer. Usually, the back end of a Lexmark printer posses either a two-sided printing accessory or rear access door.

  1. If Rear Access Door Is Available

If your Lexmark printer model has a rear access door then use the given steps to clean up the paper jam issue.
          i) In this task fist, you need to find the knob or access tab which is present in the back end of the printer.
          ii)Then unlock that knob or access tab carefully. However, if your printer model conation a panel system then remove that panel carefully.
         iii)Now, pull out all the jammed paper from your printer and after that get rid of all the small pieces of papers.
         iv)Once you have done that, replace the knob or back panel into its rightful place securely.

  1. If Two-Sided Printing Accessory Is Present

But if your Lexmark printer model consist of two-sided printing accessory then you have to follow a little different paper cleaning process which is provided below.
          i)To open up your Lexmark printer, press both the Release buttons on either end of the module at the same time.
          ii)Then remove the loosely connected panel from your printer and place them into a safe place.
          iii)Now, you have to clean up all the jammed paper and any small or big pieces of it.
          iv)After that, close that panel and try to restart your Lexmark printer.

But if you can’t get to the paper jam area from a particular side of the printer then try to do it from the other side. And once you have completed the removal process, put back every part to its legitimate place and verify the existence of the issue.

  1. Pull Out The Paper From The Front End

Now you can also pull out the jammed papers from the front side of your Lexmark printer. However, it one of the riskiest paper cleaning method and generally we won’t recommend it to you. But if all the methodes mentioned in the above sections failed then you can try it as your last resort.  

       2.Ensure The Printer Carriage Can Move Voluntarily

After fixing the paper jam you have to make sure that the printer carriage of your Lexmark printer is moving smoothly.
         i)To do that, disconnect your printer from the power source and unplug all the connected wires

         ii)Now, if your printer carriage can move from left to right without any kind of hiccups then it is good to go. However, if the carriage gets stuck at some point and unable to move further then it clearly shows that your Lexmark printer has been damaged by the paper jamming and cleaning process.

In this point, you should consult with Lexmark printer technicians or service group.

Final Thought….

We hope that the solutions which are provided in this article are helpful to you. And if you want more info on Lexmark Printer Paper Jam issue or any other tech-related thing then keep following our articles.