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Resolve Lexmark Printer Communication Error By Following Easy Troubleshooting Techniques

Many Lexmark printer users are experiencing a strange communication problem on their devices and its not allowing them to process any printing tasks. According to many printer technicians, this error can occur in any printing machine, if the print spooler service is having technical issues. This is one of the most common problems in Lexmark printers, which prevents the device to receive print tasks. You can troubleshoot this printer’s issue by applying a power cycle operation for clearing the printing job. However, if there are other hardware or software problem on your printer, the communication error might not get fixed just by applying the power cycling or correcting the print spooler service. So, if you are currently experiencing Lexmark printer communication error on your machine, keep reading this article. Here, you will get to learn how this error occurs in Lexmark printers. Get to know a few technical solutions to resolve the issue.

Reasons Behind Lexmark Printer Communication Error

Lexmark printers are popular among users for its broad range of products, including laser, inkjet, and multi-purpose printing machines. However, you can come across certain peripheral issues at times, which can cause a communication error. Usually, when this problem arises, the printer will not be able to receive any printing job-related data. Further, you may get an error notification from the printing device regarding the communication or connectivity issue. However, many printer users have reported that they don’t even receive this kind of error message and their requests simply get ignored.

In order to fix this communication problem on Lexmark printers, you first need to understand the major causes. It will help you to identify the error type and the basic symptoms for the communication issue. Further, you can resolve Lexmark printer communication error by applying some effective technical methods. So, let’s have a look at the underlying reasons that can trigger communication error in Lexmark printing machines.

Printhead Issue

Often, Lexmark printer users receive a false report, which indicates that the printer’s cover is open or it is having printhead problems. This is the condition when the printer stops accepting any printing request from your PC and fails to process the instructions. Hence, if there is any malfunctioning component in your device’s cover sensor. It can automatically notify you regarding the communication error.

Port-Sharing & Network

Sometimes, when you connect your printing machine to more than one device at a time, it may fail to function normally. Usually, this issue can occur when the Ethernet or wireless network is having some problem. It can further block down the connectivity between the printer and other devices. Hence, generates communication problem. This error can also occur when the user doesn’t initialize the network connectivity and the printer is unable to connect properly. Further, many users experience communication error, if they try to use the same port for connecting both printings as well as scanning machines.

Defective Cables

The issue regarding communication can arise in Lexmark printers, especially, if you are using a faulty USB cable. Additionally, it can also be the case due to which the cable, attached between your PC and the printer, takes too much time for transferring data. Hence, this can lead to some communication-related problem on your device.

Internal Device Error

On some printing machines, the device can block the way to communicate properly with other connected systems due to internal issues. This includes problems like empty cartridge or printer running out of pages. Also, there can be paper jam error or other hardware problems, which you can’t identify easily. Hence, if there is a shortage of the printing sheets or the ink in the toner, your printer can display communication error.

Lexmark Printer Driver

Another major cause that can prevent Lexmark printing machines from communicating with other connected devices is an outdated driver. So, in many cases, users can find communication issues while connecting printers through old firmware versions. Whenever you install recent printer updates, it automatically fixes the bugs and resolves the communication error in the device. Hence, the lack of proper printer drivers can trigger communication-related problems in the printing machines.

How Can You Troubleshoot Lexmark Printer Communication Error?

Before going through technical steps that have solved Lexmark printer communication error for many users, try some general fixes. In case, the error persists even after applying these solutions, you can switch to advanced steps for troubleshooting communication error in Lexmark printers.

General Fixes To Resolve Lexmark Printer Communication Error

Your first task is to confirm whether the printhead is having an issue or the top-cover is open or not. In case, you observe that the cover-opening warning is just a false notification from the printer, you need to adjust the switch lever. Also, make sure to gently handle the printing machine for closing the cover or fixing printhead.

If the communication error is due to network or port-sharing in the printer, you must use separate ports for connecting different devices. In case you have a printer and a scanner or any other peripherals, try to insert them separately and avoid a common port.

In case your printer is having difficulty in communicating with other devices, look for paper jam issues. You must open the cover of the printing machine and carefully observe the inside components, along with the paper tray. Clear out any paper pieces or unnecessary debris from the printer, in order to resolve communication error.

Technical Methods For Troubleshooting Lexmark Printer Communication Error

When you experience this error on your Lexmark printer, it appears with an annoying notification stating ‘Communication not available’ during any printing task. So, if you are unable to resolve this error with the help of general fixes, you can apply the following solutions to troubleshoot the printer’s communication error.

Method 1: Turn Off Printer and Restart it along with PC

When you first notice the problem along with a communication unavailable message, immediately switch off the printer. Also, hit the restart button for the PC or laptop connected to the Lexmark printer. You must also remove all the cables and plugs from the power outlet, of the printing machine and wait for some time, say 50-60 seconds.

By this time, your computer will reboot and you can reconnect the printer via proper USB or wireless connection. Also, make sure to check the internet connectivity for both the devices (if enabled with WiFi or Ethernet). Try to print test a page and see if it is still showing the message regarding communication not available for printing.  

Method 2: Make Print Spooler Stop & then Restart

If there are any pending printing jobs on your device, ensure that you clear the list. Then, restart the printer spooler service. For applying this solution, you need to first open the Run dialog box, by pressing both the Windows and R keys altogether.

Then, write ‘services.msc’ in the box and hit ‘Enter’ key to view the Services window. Locate the item ‘Print Spooler’, right-click on it and choose the ‘Stop’ option for stopping the service. Hence, if your printer still has some printing tasks in queues, it will get cleared with this step.

Next, click on the Windows Start menu and navigate to ‘My Computer’. From the C: drive (in usual cases), you can locate the Spool folder, under the name of system32. So, under the ‘Printers’ folder, you will find some files. These are jamming the printing jobs and creating a queue on your system.

Hence, hit ‘Ctrl’ and A keys, simultaneously and erase the files in this particular folder. So, after clearing the spool files, you can go back to the Services window. Then, hit the restart button to start Print Spool Service again.

Method 3: Use Windows Troubleshooter for Printer Error

Another way to deal with communication error on Lexmark printing machine is to run the built-in troubleshooter on Windows. However, make sure that when you are running this tool. The printer should be connected to your Windows-based PC.

Now, open the Run dialog box. Write ‘control’ in it. As you click ‘OK’, Windows will display the Control Panel window. There, you need to find the ‘Troubleshooting’ icon and hit it. Also, locate the option ‘Hardware and Sound item’, from the list of items. Below this item, you have to select the tab ‘Use a printer’. On some devices, you may have to provide the admin password or have to confirm this action, through appropriate steps.

Next, when you hit the ‘Next’ button, Windows will start scanning both the device and check the printer for any possible errors. Once, it is done with checking and fixing the components, causing communication error, you need to continue with the printing job.

In this article, you can learn a few troubleshooting methods, to remove issues that were blocking printer to communicate properly. However, if you are still unable to fix Lexmark printer communication error, you can uninstall the current driver and reinstall Lexmark printer software. Otherwise, you can also leave a comment below, in the feedback section.