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Amazing Hacks To Resolve Kaspersky Antivirus Error 1922

Kaspersky Antivirus error 1922 is one of the frequent errors that the users might encounter while using the Kasperkey antivirus application on their device. Generally, this error code occurs if this antivirus software is not installed correctly on the device. Sometimes, it also happens due to the corrupted Windows files or Kaspersky antivirus related files. If you are running an older version of Windows, then also there are chances of encountering this error code. An outdated version of Kaspersky antivirus and malware or viruses infection can also cause error 1922. Due to this error, often the system gets frozen for a certain period. If you are also facing a similar issue, then do not worry. In this article, we have provided several methods to resolve the Kaspersky antivirus problem. Once the error gets resolved, make sure that your system starts to work properly once again.

Proven Ways to Troubleshoot Kaspersky Antivirus Error 1922:

After encountering the Kaspersky Antivirus error 1922, you need to eliminate this issue immediately on your device. We are going to share some easy and effective methods to troubleshoot the Kaspersky Antivirus error 1922.

Method 1 – Repair the Kaspersky Files  

By repairing the Kaspersky files, you can easily get rid of this error code on your system. The steps are given below:

  1. Press the Windows Home key and R key to open the Run box. Type ‘regedit’ and then press the Enter key or click on the OK option.
  2. In the Registry Editor window, you will find the Error 1922 related key, select it to back up that file.
  3. Then, navigate to the File menu and choose the Export option.
  4. Select the desired location where you want to store the backup key of Kaspersky Antivirus from the Save In list.
  5. In the ‘Filename’ box, type a name for the back-up file
  6. After that, you should select the “Selected branch” option from the ‘Export Range’ menu.
  7. Click on the Save option. Now you will see the file is saved with a .reg file extension. After executing all the steps, hope you have successfully created the backup file of Kaspersky antivirus. After that, you can simply follow the on-screen instructions carefully to complete the repair process.

Once it is done, restart your system and then check whether the problem is fixed.

Method 2 – Update the Kaspersky Antivirus Application

When you see this error on your screen, you can simply update this antivirus on your device. To complete this method, follow the undermentioned steps,

  1. Double click on the Kaspersky antivirus application icon to open it.
  2. Go to the Settings section and move the cursor to the Update tab.
  3. If the update is available, then click on the Update option. Now the system will start the update process.  
  4. Once it completes, restart your system and then check if the error persists or not.

Method 3 – Update the Operating System

After updating this antivirus if the problem still continues, then you need to update the Operating System. So at first, you have to check whether you are using the latest version of OS or not. If you do not know how you can do that, then follow the steps as mentioned below,

  1. Press the Windows Home key along with the I key to open the Settings window. Alternatively, go to the Search Panel, type Settings and then press the Enter button.
  2. In the Settings window, go to the Update & Security section.
  3. Click on the Update tab.
  4. Tap on the Check for Updates option. Now your system will check whether the update is available or not.   
  5. If any updates are there, click on the Update option.
  6. After completing the update process, reboot your system.

Method 4 – Reinstall the Kaspersky Antivirus Application  

The next method that you can try to troubleshoot Kaspersky Antivirus error 1922 on your system is described here. Just follow the points which are mentioned below:

  1. Go to the Search box, type Settings and then hit the Enter button.
  2. When the Settings window opens, navigate to the Apps and Features section.
  3. In that section, scroll down the page and find the Kaspersky antivirus application, click on it.
  4. Click on the Uninstall option. Now your system will start the uninstallation process.
  5. Once it is done, restart your device. After restarting your system again, download it from the official website of Kaspersky and install it.

To complete the installation process, follow the on-screen instructions carefully. Once it is finished, check whether the Kaspersky antivirus application works properly without any error.

Method 5 – By Using the Command Prompt

Sometimes, by using the command prompt you can also resolve the  Kaspersky Antivirus error 1922 on your PC. Check the steps given below to resolve this issue:

  1. Press the Windows Key + X key to open the menu list. Choose the Command Prompt (Admin) option. Alternatively, open the Search box, type cmd and then hit the Enter button.
  2. In the Command Prompt window, type SFC/scannow to run this command and then press the Enter key.
  3. Once it is executed, reboot your system.

Method 6 – Check the Internet Connection

When you download this antivirus, you must check the internet connection whether it is properly connected or not. Sometimes the poor internet connection can also cause this error. When your system is connected with the Wifi and you encounter this error, then you can use the Ethernet cable to solve this issue. Then, check if the issue has been resolved.

Method 7 – By Using the System Restore

An alternative method that you can try on your device to eliminate this error code is by performing a system restore. Here’s how you can do that, follow these instructions:

  1. Write the System Restore in the Search box and press the Enter button.
  2. Click on the System Restore option and write the Administrator password
  3. Choose a restore point on your device.
  4. Then, click on the Restore option. Follow the on-screen directions carefully to complete the restore process.
  5. Restart your system.

We hope, the above-mentioned methods will definitely help you to resolve the Kaspersky Antivirus error 1922 on your PC. Make sure to follow these methods correctly to resolve this particular issue. However, if you find that even after following the above procedures, you fail to fix this error, then it’s better to take assistance from an expert.