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iTunes Error 9006: Resolve With Easy Tricks

iTunes is a renowned product from Apple and is present in all of the Apple devices as a default. However, Windows users can also be able to use it by downloading and installing it on their system. Though iTunes is a popular application it also has some issues. iTunes error 9006 is one of them that pop-ups generally at the time of downloading or updating iPhone. In this article, you will get expert guidelines for resolving this iTunes error.

There are no specific reasons for which you are visiting this error code at the time of updating your iTunes application. But an outdated version of iTunes, poor network connection or the Apple software update servers can be the causes of this error. However, if there is a server issue, then you can wait for it to get fixed.

Ways To Fix iTunes Error 9006

The below-explained methods are the common ways by which you may resolve this 9006 iTunes error easily.

Way 1: Update iTunes

As explained earlier, an outdated version of iTunes may cause this problem, so you need to update iTunes if this is the case.

If you are a Mac user then at first, you need to open the iTunes application in your device. And at the top of this window, you will see a menu bar where you have to select iTunes. Next, you need to choose the “Check for updates” option. Now you can be able to see the available updates. Then you need to select on this updated version and just agree all the on-screen instructions to install it on your Mac device.

But if you are a Windows users, at first, you need to open the iTunes application. And after that, select on the Help option. Next, visit “Check for updates”. Further, you need to agree all the pop-up messages to install the updated version of iTunes for Windows.

Way 2: Take Help Of The IPSW File

iTunes error 9006 may occur if there is any problem with downloading the IPSW file from Apple’s server. You can resolve this problem by manually downloading this file. IPSW is a type of file which helps to update the device by using iTunes. The below mentioned are the steps that you can follow to fix this problem.

At first, you need to open a browser to download the IPSW file which is appropriate for your device. After that, connect the iPhone device with your computer. And then go to the Summary section, which is present at the left panel of this window. By doing this, you will see the “Update” and “Restore Phone” options. However, if you are a Mac user, then you need to tap on Alt key and Command keys at the time.

But if you are a Windows users, then you can do the same by only holding the Shift key from your keyboard and pressing on your preferred option. After that, a file browser will open, now from here, you can be able to choose the recently downloaded IPSW file. This procedure will help you update or restore your gadget in a hassle free way.

Way 3: Restart Your Apple Device

Only by restarting your iPhone device, there is a chance that this iTunes error 9006 problem gets solved. And to do this, you need to press the side button which is the Power button of your device. Then as soon as the sliding switch appears, slide it in the opposite direction to turn off your device. And wait for a few minutes to give enough time to your iPhone device to stable.

After that, again hold the power button as long as the Apple icon floats to ensure that your device is getting started. This is also an effective procedure by which this iTunes error 9006 problems may get resolved.

These are the procedures by which you can fix this iTunes 9006 error problem. Hope this article will help you resolve this issue with your iTunes application.