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Resolve iOS Safari Crashing Problem: Apply These Fixes to Fix Browser Crash Error

You will find the popular web browser Safari on every new-age iOS device including the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. However, irrespective of being known as one of the most stable browsers, Safari users often report regarding the issue of frequent freezing or crashing. If you are also experiencing iOS Safari crashing problem, you can try some effective fixes to troubleshoot this error. In this article, you will get to learn a few technical methods, which can resolve Safari crash issues on iOS. But, in order to understand those solutions, you need to know the common causes of Safari crashes. So, keep reading this article for getting aware of the underlying reasons, which can trigger the crashing of Safari on your iOS device.

Why you are experiencing the iOS Safari Crashing Error on your System

If your iOS Safari crashing without any prior warning, it can be a frustrating condition for you. When this error occurs, the screen or the web browser simply freeze and don’t allow the users to search for any site. Sometimes, it may generate a notification regarding the crash problem or simply force them to relaunch the site. Getting this issue repeatedly can be very annoying and it requires technical methods to resolve Safari crashes on iOS. But, before checking out the solution part, you need to understand the underlying issues, which are responsible for crashing your Safari browser. So, the following points will help you to become aware of the causes that can crash Safari while working on iOS.

According to many Apple users, Safari can crash because of enabling the feature of Apple’s Safari Suggestions. In this option, users can utilize automatically URL completion as they start typing any site’s address. As this feature is an integral part of Apple’s server, ignoring any important Safari update can cause a freezing problem.

There are some iOS users who are experiencing iOS Safari crashing right after upgrading their version of the Operating System. This can happen due to certain bugs, which can be resolved only with selected iOS versions. Hence, if your iOS version isn’t compatible with bug fixing firmware, it can crash your Safari.

Another major reason why Safari can be showing crash issues on iOS can depend on the settings of the JavaScript on your system. So, those who have enabled the feature of JavaScript on their iOS, it can lead to iOS Safari crashing while accessing any site or program.

Often, the issue may not be the Safari browser but, it can be due to some plugin issues on any website. So, if any link or the URL of any page is already broken, it may appear as a Safari crash error on iOS.

Try these Fixes if the iOS Safari Keeps Crashing on your Device

Now that you are aware of the reasons when iOS Safari keeps crashing on your system, it’s time to go through the technical fixes. So, to troubleshoot this Safari problem on your iOS-based device, you can try the following solutions:

Solution 1: Restart your iOS Device

If you are facing the Safari crash issue frequently, the first thing you need to do is to restart your iOS. By restarting it, you will be able to reset the iOS memory and remove all temporary files from your system. Hence, any component that can be causing Safari crashes will be automatically deleted by this method.

For restarting iOS, first, press your device’s hold button (in case its an iPhone) and select the option of ‘Slide to Power Off’. For those who are facing this error on their iPhone X, you’ll have to hold down the button for volume up.

So, as the slider of  ‘Slide to Power Off’ appears on your screen, you need to slide it towards right from left. As the iPhone shuts down completely, you have to press the hold button.

Whenever you see the logo of Apple on your device’s screen, you need to release the hold button and allow the device to start up. Now, check the website on Safari that has crashed and sees if the error is resolved after restarting the iOS device.

Solution 2: Update iOS to Its Latest Version

When it comes to updating your iOS in order to fix the Safari crash issue, there are two main choices for it. The first option is related to apply iOS update using iTunes. Whereas, as per the second option, you can update iOS directly on your iPhone through a wireless network. So, you can follow the step by step instructions to apply these recent updates and check whether Safari is still crashing on iOS.

Solution 3: Remove the Browser Data and Safari History

Often, Safari can generate crash issues if your iOS has browsing data stored in it. This can include the history of browsed pages and websites, cookies, and cache items, which accumulates over a time period. So, if you clear this data from your iPhone or iPod, it may fix the crash issue on Safari.

In order to try this solution, click on the ‘Settings’ tab and open the Safari browser on your device. Then go to the option of ‘Clear History and Website Data’ and tap on it. Thereafter, you will notice a popup menu at the bottom of your screen with the button for ‘Clear History and Data’. So, click on this tab and try to open a site on Safari to examine the crash problem.

Solution 4: Turn off the AutoFill Feature on Safari

In case you have tried the above fixes and iOS Safari crashing repeatedly, try to disable the feature of autofill in it. For those who don’t know, AutoFill is an option on Safari or any web browser, which collects contact details from the user’s address book. After extracting the information, it adds them to the forms on various websites. By enabling this feature, you can avoid the task of typing information like email or shipping address during browsing. However, for fixing Safari crashes on iOS, you can turn off this automatic filling feature on the browser.

For disabling AutoFill, click on Settings and then tap on the icon of ‘Safari’. Thereafter, select the tab for ‘AutoFill’ and you’ll see a slider for ‘Use Contact Info’. So, make sure that you slide this switch to make it off or until it turns white. Also, you will have to repeat the same process for ‘Names and Passwords’ and make it white or off. In case, you have saved transaction information like bank accounts or credit cards, try this fix. You simply need to turn the slider off or make it white for disabling ‘Credit Cards’ on Safari.

Solution 5: Make Sure the iCloud Safari Syncing is Disabled

Sometimes, enabling the feature of iCloud Safari Syncing can be the underlying reasons for crashes on this browser. This program helps iCloud to sync with the bookmarks on your Safari and helps the users to share them. So, if you have turned on this feature on your iOS, you will be able to share them with other connected Apple devices using a single iCloud profile. However, keeping iCloud Safari Syncing ‘On’ can force Safari to crash during browsing. Hence, you can disable this feature on your browser or iOS to prevent Safari from crashing.

To try this solution, click on ‘Settings’ and find your name on the top of the device’s screen. In case, you are using an older iOS version, you need to tap on the iCloud button. After tapping iCloud, find the slider for Safari and turn it off or white.

Also, a popup menu can ask you to choose what you want to do with previously synced Safari data. So, you can select the option of ‘Keep on My iPhone’. Otherwise, you can also pick ‘Delete from My iPhone’ to save storage space on iOS.

Solution 6: Disable JavaScript Feature on iOS

If you are still unable to resolve crash issues on Safari, the website that you are visiting can be problematic. One of its main reasons to get this error can be clicking the websites that utilize JavaScript. With this language, you can enable various features and animations on your website or pages. But, unfortunately, enabling JavaScript can crash Safari on iOS. Hence, by following this method, you can turn off JavaScript and prevent Safari to crash on iOS.

To apply this method, click on ‘Settings’ and then open ‘Safari’. Locate the ‘Advanced’ tab and move the slider for JavaScript to make it white or turn it off. Now, visit the website that has crashed earlier on Safari and check if disabling JavaScript is the solution.

Solution 7: Turn off Safari Suggestions on Your Device

There is another bug related to the feature of ‘Safari Suggestions’, which can cause a crash issue on Safari. Often, while fetching the result pages for providing as the suggestion, Safari can experience this crash error. This is why you can try this solution to disable this ‘Safari Suggestions’ tab on your iOS.  So, you need to click on ‘Settings’ and then tap on ‘Safari’. Find the slider for ‘Safari Suggestions’ and move it for turning it white or off.

In case, you can’t fix Safari crashes with the above methods, try the advanced fixes to resolve them. Otherwise, you can contact a browser expert to get solutions for iOS Safari crashing problem.