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Resolve the FaceTime Not Working on Mac Issue: Quick and Easy Procedures

What happens when you want to see and talk to your parents or loved ones and find that the FaceTime application isn’t working? This annoying error bars the visual communication that you desire to have with your loved ones. And this brings you to seek an easy and quick solution to fix the FaceTime not working on Mac so that you can resume the discussion with people where you left off. However, stick through the entire article to know how to fix it.

The FaceTime video not working on Mac may arise due to many reasons. The application may be offline and your internet provider may also bear the blame. But, before that, opt for being clear on your side. Hence, check and attempt to treat the problem by yourself with the effective procedures discussed below. In this way, you can resolve and eradicate the issue and continue with the previous seamless communication. But, first, let us make sure if the application is down which triggers such an error. For this, refer to the immediate section that appears when you scroll down.

Is FaceTime Down?

The trouble may arise due to the server condition of the FaceTime app. You can do nothing much in case the server is down. But, the prior thing is to know if the server is down or not. That is because your further actions will depend on the knowledge of this itself. If the server is alright, then you can proceed with the next section and if it isn’t, wait till it gets back on track! Hence, check for the server issues.

Before you search for the solution which presents the ways on how to fix FaceTime on Mac, make sure that the basic aspect is working well. Or else, the steps will have no meaning. The System Status website of Apple renders up-to-date information regarding the FaceTime status as well as other Apple applications like the App Store, iMessage and the Apple Music. Also, the System Status website presents an alert in case any program has framed maintenance work. However, Apple also employs the website for reporting back on the latest resolved problems to its services. Ensure that the issue is due to a certain localized problem which refuses to manifest on Apple’s website.

Effective Procedures to Resolve the FaceTime Not Working on Mac Problem

The malfunctioning of the application can cause a stir and disrupt the flow of such advanced communication. For this, you must execute certain relevant steps and methods to have it fixed. Adhere to the underlying effective procedures which aim to resolve the FaceTime won’t open on Mac thoroughly. Hence, follow this to troubleshoot it and bar the problem from appearing again.

  1. Inspect the Wi-Fi and Mobile Connection

Always begin with the inspection of the basic points, the connection, which can repair and save plenty of time. To begin with, check the connection of the internet to the Mac system is secure or not. Make sure the Wi-Fi or the mobile internet is turned on. Refresh the page that displays the Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Also, the internet may function properly, but the issue may still exist in the way the system or device. It might be hindering it from establishing a proper connection.

To check the settings, click on Settings then on Wi-Fi on an iOS device and System Preferences. After that, click on the Network on Mac OS X to inspect the settings correspond to those on your native router. The FaceTime not working on Mac issue, at most times, tends to go away. The error ceases to manifest and you can resume the seamless communication like before.

        2.Update the Software

Ensure that the software present on all your Mac OS X and iOS devices are the latest or updated. Now, it is likely that Apple has altered a requirement of the application in order to necessitate the update process in your device in order to use the service. However, to check the version of iOS of the device or system, head to the Settings and then, to the General option. Finally, in the General, go to the Software Update. With the easy update, the FaceTime application may tend to work seamlessly.

          3.Check if the FaceTime Application is Switched On

One of the prior aspects that you must check is if the Application is enabled and switched On. For this, on the iOS device, click on the Settings. Then, proceed to the FaceTime application to set the Switch On if turned Off. However, on the Mac OS, open the application and then, click on the FaceTime and then, click on the option ‘Turn FaceTime On’. At times, it is the ignorance towards inspection of the basic things which cause the problem to linger. That is because users do not consider the primary inspections and proceed to the complex ones at first. However, if the FaceTime video not working on Mac issue persists even after this, move to the next method.

         4.Ensure to Sign in to FaceTime with the Correct Apple ID

Inspect if your profile is logged in to all the FaceTime accounts employing the same Apple credentials. In Mac OS, click on the FaceTime and then, head to the Preferences. There, check the Apple ID. In case, the devices fail to match, click on Sign Out only to enter the same credentials for Apple like earlier. After that, Sign in to it. This may solve the problem entirely. But, even after this, if the issue doesn’t stop manifesting, head to the next step.

          5. Stuck on ‘Waiting for Activation’?

Now, sometimes the case may be this. The system may show that the application is ‘Waiting for Activation’. In such a situation, turn Off the FaceTime app and switch it On again. To do this, on the Mac, launch the application of the FaceTime and then choose FaceTime. Then, select the Preferences after which you must set the FaceTime to turn Off. Finally, after some time, switch it back On. This can troubleshoot the FaceTime won’t open on Mac issue comprehensively. But, if the answer is an adamant ‘no’, proceed to the successive method.

             6.Check the Date and Time

At times, it is the incorrect settlement of the date and the time on the device which conflicts and hinders a seamless functioning of certain applications. Hence, check the settings for correcting the date as well as the time. For doing this, launch the System Preferences and then, click on the ‘Date & Time’ option. Then, tick the box beside ‘Set date and time automatically’. After that, opt for the Apple server from the menu of the drop-down arrow. And, revert back to inspecting if the FaceTime video not working on Mac issue ceases to appear. Move to the next method if the current one yields failure.

             7.Examine if the Phone Number is Correct for iOS Devices

Make sure that the number you are reaching is the correct one. That is, the numbers are of 10 digits and ensure that you haven’t skipped typing any number while saving it in your contacts. But, first, make sure that the number that you hold is recorded correctly. Click on the Settings. Then, head to the FaceTime on your iOS devices and then, inspect that the correct phone number, as well as the Apple ID, is recorded. If otherwise, click on ‘Add Another Email’.

            8.Ensure that the FaceTime Application is Available

At times, the Operating System refuses to install the FaceTime application by default. For this, you must check if the region of purchase of the device you hold supports the application. That is because the FaceTime application is prohibited in some countries like the UAE. Hence, if that is the case, the installation of the program will not be successful.

           9. Restart all the Devices

If nothing yields favorable changes, restart all the devices. On a Mac OS system, click on Apply. Then, click on the Restart. In iOS devices, hold down the Sleep button. After that, adhere to the Slide to Power Off option. Then, hold down the Wake button once again to turn the iOS device On. Once On, check to see if the problem persists. The FaceTime not working on Mac issue is sure to go away with this step. The restarting of the system makes the changes effective and you are sure to troubleshoot the error entirely.


With such a comprehensive guide, you can easily fix the system of the annoying error which bars your communication. Now, place video calls as much you desire and talk to your loved ones or even conduct a serious corporate meeting over FaceTime. And this FaceTime not working on Mac problem is sure to stop its frequent presence thereby providing you the ability to communicate easily like before.