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Resolve Error Code 0xc000014c With Simple Solutions

Though Windows 10 is popular due to its robust features certain technical difficulties make it imperfect. Error code 0xc000014c is one of the glitches that Windows users are complaining about. It primarily occurs when there is a glitch regarding configuration. As a result, the active window crashes and a notification pops up. Does this issue bother you often? Then, keep your worries at bay. In this article, we will discuss the ‘in and out’ of this particular Windows trouble. In addition to that, we will showcase some solutions that can resolve the problem with ease.

Error Code 0xc000014c In Windows: An Overview

Windows 10 error code 0xc000014c can appear at three stages. First, when you switch on your device. Second, while you are working on the active window. Third, when you insert or pull out a pendrive or installation disc. A pop up might appear stating “boot configuration data file is missing Windows 10”.

Other alternative notification can come crashing down your device. At whatever stage it appears, you must resolve it as soon as possible. Moreover, this error code can affect the performance of your system. So, eliminating it is necessary. Now, let us discuss the various causes behind this.

Symptoms Of Boot Configuration Data File Is Missing Windows 10

Though we have already given a rough overview of the Windows glitch, there are some signs that follow. These symptoms must not be surpassed since it shows the exact condition of your PC/device.

  • While starting the computer, a Boot Manager page opens and several commands run.
  • At the end of the sheet, an error notification appears which states a booting glitch has occured.
  • Suggestions are also given along with common cause.
  • Additionally, the mouse can freeze for seconds. Only the Enter button might work actively.
  • Few cases have been reported previously where the entire screen turns black or blue.
  • Similar troubles appear if you suddenly pull out a pendrive while it is functioning. The same signs can follow if pull out a hardware or software disc. Therefore, it is recommended not to freeze any operation while its still in progress.

Symptoms Of Boot Configuration Problem In Windows 8

Unfortunately, this problem appears in all versions of Windows. If you are a Windows 8 user, a page on Windows Recovery Environment will pop up. As a result, the data can corrupt and the PC will stop abruptly.  A warning might also flash on the screen asking you to heal the device with recovery tools. You can insert a disc or USB in the installation media to remove the glitch.

Reasons Behind Windows 10 Error Code

For the user information, this particular issue is also known as Blue Screen Error 0xc000014c. And the reasons behind these apply to all generations of Windows. So, you might face this trouble even if you use Windows Vista or Windows 7. Therefore, keeping a watchful eye is necessary.

Troubles With Booting Configuration

Specialists are of the opinion that such Windows trouble appears when there are troubles with booting task. This can happen if it is corrupt or some files are missing. Disk writes issues, power failures can accidentally erase some data from the system.

Software Erase

A common cause that often appears is the software erase. If the system accidentally erases or renames the application, a booting error message appears on the screen. Moreover, if there is hardware trouble, Windows installation may stop. The Operating System might also send a simple hack technique.

Bug Attack

Similarly, malware attacks and virus in the booting sector can lead to configuration troubles. They can delete the files and when you switch on the computer notifications like Windows 10 error code 0xc000014c can surface. Manually configuring BCD may be an additional ground for the glitch.

System Integration Compromised

Common bugs and malware can erase files and folders related to booting operations. This mostly happens when there is a severe power failure and the PC switches off during booting procedures.

System Files Are Corrupt

An additional cause behind this trouble is corrupt and damaged files. Booting related folders can also vanish if suddenly take out or stop the installation discs and procedure. As a result, the screen turns black or blue and the keys freeze for seconds.

The reasons can damage the entire system. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the techniques to eliminate them permanently.

How To Fix Error Code 0xc000014c With Simple Hacks

Done below we will discuss some simple hacks that can eliminate error code 0xc000014c successfully. Move to the alternate solutions if the first does not work for your system.

Solution 1: For All Versions Of Windows

The first troubleshooting works with Windows 7, 8, 10 and 8.1. There are two stages so make sure not to skip any step.

Stage 1

You can use an installation disc on pendrive for this purpose. But make sure not to stop the procedure midway. Since this can permanently inflict damage to your files. First, find the installation space in your device and insert the disc or the USB.

Now, use the Function key 12 present on the top of your screen. The F12 can be present anywhere so search minutely before proceeding. Next, tap on the Windows Setup. A page will appear consisting the information about the state, time and format. Choose according to your wish and select Next.

Stage 2

Once you tap on that key, a fresh page will appear seeking permission for Repairing your device. Choose it and move to the Troubleshoot option. Do not switch off your device at this stage. Select the Advanced Criteria and Command Prompt.

Now, type some booting functions like “ Bootrec /fixmbr” and tap the Enter key. Next, type “Bootrec /fixboot”. Just like the other one type ‘Bootrec /scanos followed by ‘Bootrec /rebuildbcd’ and click the enter button. Finally, finish the Command Prompt operation by typing A”. Do not forget to press the X button on the Windows screen. Restart your computer and check the difference.

Solution 2: Especially For Windows 8 Users

If you are using Windows 8, then restart your device and press Function key 8 or F8 continuously. Startup catalog will appear. Now, use the scroll key and move to the mid of the screen to search Good configuration page. Tap on that and let Windows heal the trouble on its own. This solution appears at number three spot but other troubleshooting hacks are also present. Please be sure before trying anything other than option 3.

Solution 3: For Users Of Windows 8 Only

Apart from the solution stated above, there is another Run command alternative that works effectively. That is popularly called an SFC or System file Checker procedure. It requires no disc for operating the trouble.

  • To start with, switch on your device and tap the F8 key continuously unless a page appears.
  • The new window is the Startup Options page. For your information, the F8 key is usually present in the first column of the keyboard.
  • On that screen, choose the option Safe Mode and wait for seconds before proceeding.
  • Now, type “sfc/scannow” command and tap the Enter key. A result page will gradually appear.

Hacks For Windows 7 and Windows Vista Users

Similar to Windows 8, you can run the SFC command for scanning the device files and carry out the startup procedure.

  • First, insert the Windows installation disc and select the language, keyboard input and time.
  • Now tap on Repair your Computer option.
  • Next, move to the C disk and choose your driver and tap on Next.
  • Now select the command from the System Recovery screen.
  • Write it or copy it and press the Enter Key.
  • Finally, write the command and replace the D disk. Type the first letter where the Windows is upgraded.

Techniques To Eliminate Windows Booting Error

If nothing works, follow the final solution. But you will need a startup repair disc for removing the problem.

First, insert the Windows disc and restart the PC. Then, check for notification and follow the instruction therein. After a while, press any key to start the booting procedure. Now, select the Keyboard layout and other requisites like time, language and method.

Finally, tap on the Next key followed by Repair Your Computer step. Another screen will appear with Troubleshoot options. Choose Advanced options and move straight to Command Prompt. Finally, write chkdsk C: /f /x /r and wait until the enter key appears. After a while, various run commands will appear. You can write Exit to finish the process when no errors surface on the screen.

Final Verdict

Windows glitches can hamper the performance of the computer or laptop to a great extent. Therefore, do not skip the notifications since they can guide the steps you should take.

These were some of the solutions that can eliminate error code 0xc000014c but all of them require information and time. Therefore, do not skip the language, keyboard method, and the input part. We hope these troubleshooting techniques were helpful.