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Resolve Error Code 0xC000000F – A Quick Fix

While booting your PC, there are numerous Windows blunders that generally users experience. Besides, while working or in the wake of dismantling, users get stuck with some invalid errors. Error code 0xC000000F is one such issue that a number of users face. You can also encounter the same issue while working or dismantling your PC. This Windows error is one of the blue screen death that you might come across.

You can come across a few problems previously associated with the blunder message shows up on the display. The error can arise after which it makes a dynamic application crash.

It is a server glitch and it might be triggered by multiple factors.

However, in order to help you, we have to make sure to enlist all of them in the below section. Now, if you having a hard time with this glitch, be sure to check for the predictable approaches that are mentioned below. Therefore, we recommend you to go through this post and resolve this glitch on your own.

Possible Reasons Why Windows 10 Error Code 0xc00000f Occurs?

There are various factors responsible for this error code 0xC000000F. But, here we have enlisted the most 3 leading causes for this glitch. Thus, have a look below:

BCD Is Corrupted Or Missing

Corrupted or missing BCD file is the foremost cause that responsible for this Windows 10 error code 0xC000000F.

Faulty Data Cable

Over time, all the system elements can be corrupted or damaged. Therefore, the data cable is no exception. Thus, this can be another potential cause for this issue.

System File Is Damaged

Furthermore, damaged or corrupted system file can also responsible for the error code 0xC000000F.

Apart from these, the corrupted or damaged boot sector can also cause this error. Besides, due to the damaged hard disk, such kind of issue can appear.

Easy Fixes: Error Code 0xC000000F

There are no single fixes to resolve such issues. A fix that works for you depends on the certain reason for the issue on your PC. You can try out the given fixes that might help you. As here, in this section, we have mentioned some tried and tested methods to solve this issue. But, follow the methods in the same order as here we have given.

Method 1: Disable Peripheral Hardware

Disable Peripheral Hardware

In order to fix such error code, you need to perform some actions. Primarily, you need to remove or disconnect all the hardware components, except the mouse and keyboard. Besides, you need to remove the USB, CD, and DVDs from their respective ports. Once you are done, simply click on the Restart button and check if the issue resolves.

Method 2: Start Your System Using BOOTREC.EXE Utility

Start Your System Using BOOTREC.EXE Utility

This is an in-build utility that will help you to correct the boot configuration data (BCD). In order to fix such an error, simply follow the below mentioned steps:

  • At first, you need to restart your system.
  • Once your system restarts, simply insert the USB installation disk or Windows DVD in the appropriate drive.
  • Then,  reboot your system once again, then you need to press any key you want (if prompted).
  • Now, go to the Settings section then, select and reset the correct time, date currency language and keyboard.
  • After this process, hit the Next button.
  • Next, choose the Operating System to be repaired.
  • Now, go to the System Recovery Options and select the Command Prompt.
  • After that, in the command prompt simply type “bootrec.exe.”
  • Finally, hit the Enter button and then check if the issue gets eliminated.

After performing this process, some users have reported that the issue doesn’t eliminate. If you are in the same situation, then you need to remove or delete the previous BCD and then re-build it once again. In this way, you can have a new boot configuration data. For this purpose, you need to follow the below-mentioned command prompt in the run box and hit the Enter key after each line of code.

Start Your System Using BOOTREC.EXE Utility

  • bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup
  • c:
  • cd boot
  • attrib bcd –s –h –r
  • ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old
  • bootrec /RebuildBcd

Method 3: Create An EFI Partition

Create An EFI Partition

If your EFI partition is missing for some reasons then, you create a new one. In that case, you need to make a Windows installation media and boot from a USB then reach the black Command Prompt window. To do so, you need to follow the below mentioned instructions.

Primarily, you need to enter Diskpart in the black window then hit the Enter key. After that, you need to type list disk in the Run dialogue box and press the Enter button. Once you are done, enter select disk 0 in the search box and hit the Enter key. After this process, you need to choose the disk in which you want to make a new EFI partition.

Next, simply enter the list partition and hit the Enter button. After that, in the search box, you have to enter select partition 1 and hit the Enter button. Once you perform this, simply enter shrink desired=200 minimum=200 and hit the Enter key.

Now, type again create partition EFI and press the enter key. When done, you have to enter partition 2 and hit the Enter button. Next, type list vol and hit Enter key. Now, follow the further on-screen directions. Finally, Type “bcdboot C:\Windows /l en-gb /s B: /f ALL” and hit the Enter key. Then, select the Restart button in order to reload your system. Now, check if the issue gets removed.

Method 4: Run System File Checker Utility

Run System File Checker Utility

Furthermore, you can fix such kind of error code 0xc00000f as system file check is an in-built tool that can fix various Windows related issues including Windows 10 error code 0xC00000F. To run this tool, simply go to the Start button and then click on the Run button.

After that, in the run dialogue box, just enter “command”, then hit the Enter key. Now, in the resultant charge incite window, simply type ‘sfc/scannow.’ Once you perform this action, this tool will start to run and fix the error  0xC000000F.

We hope, these solutions are quite helpful for you to fix such kind of error. Moreover, if you have further queries or questions then you can share your feedback with us by visiting our official website. In addition, you can also leave comments in the comment section below.