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Quick And Effective Ways To Resolve The ERR Network Changed Issue In Windows 10

The Err network changed is yet another problem which the Windows manifests due to certain problems. Just like other probable issues in the system, this too is a troubling one. The message that the system shows, says that the system experienced a failure in accessing the network. Also, it states that there was an interruption in the connection and that the system sensed a change in the network. And this brings up the err_network_changed Windows 10 before the users which further complicates things. Even after multiple trials, the webpage remains unavailable still. Now, the next thing that the users seek is how to treat the problem.

But, prior to that, one must know what it actually indicates when they face this error. Or else, one cannot troubleshoot anything unless they know what it is. And that is exactly what this article aims to begin with. So, make sure you go through the entire guide which promises to provide the best and the most effective solutions for troubleshooting the error.

What does the Err_Network_Changed Windows 10 Signify?

The appearance of this error indicates only one thing and that is it bars the user from accessing the internet. Now, the regular tasks and activities in the system are sure to come to a halt. And nothing easy can troubleshoot this problem. Also, its appearance is recurring and refuses to go away if you try out only the basic steps. So, the users must resort to dedicated solutions which bring guaranteed results in eradicating the problem.

The 5 Effective Methods To Troubleshoot the Err Network Changed Issue

At times, the users have to go through and attempt several methods before coming to the final solution. So, there is this entire trial and error procedure but only with the most effective fixes. And this saves time since the methods are well researched and focus on the probable causes only. Thus, they are laid out front for users to fix the Err Network Changed. However, now you must proceed to have a glimpse on the procedures without further delay.

Procedure 1: Alter the DNS Server Address in the Windows Network Settings

Alter the DNS Server Address in the Windows Network Settings

For this, you must right-click on the network icon on the taskbar of the Windows 10 device. Then, select the Open Network and Sharing Center. And on the right side, choose the Change Adapter Settings. After that, right-click on the existing network adapter for Properties. Proceed to highlight the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) item. Then, click on the Properties key which is present below. Now, hit on the option that says to Use the following DNS server addresses. Into the box of the Preferred DNS server, type in And then, within the box of the Alternate DNS server, enter and then finally proceed to click on the OK button.

Now, after that, head to restart the desktop or notebook and make an attempt with the network connection in Google Chrome again in order to inspect if the error has gone or not. But, if it retains its existence adamantly, then proceed to the next procedure.

Procedure 2: Reset TCP/IP and DNS to Troubleshoot the Chrome Err Network Changed Issue

Reset TCP/IP and DNS to Troubleshoot the Chrome Err Network Changed Issue

The sentence, “a network change was detected” can arise due to a faulty TCP/IP or the DNS settings. And this triggers several network issues, for example, unidentified network issues, Microsoft Edge fails to function or the Wifi doesn’t possess a valid IP configuration. However, you can reset the TCP/IP as well as the DNS through the Command Prompt. This troubleshoots the Err Network Changed issue comprehensively. For this, begin with the Windows shortcut key by hitting the Windows key as well as the X key in unison.

Proceed to select the Command Prompt. Then, in the command line, type in ipconfig/flushdns. After that, hit the Enter button and then ipconfig/ renew. And then, press the Enter key once again. Now, type the command “netsh int ip set dns” and hit the Enter button. Finally, type “netsh winsock reset” and hit the Enter button once again. Next, reboot the system and launch the browser in order to see if the issue sits there still. And if it does, make sure to proceed to the next procedure.

Procedure 3: Update the Network Drivers to Resolve the Err Network Changed Problem

Update the Network Drivers to Resolve the Err Network Changed Problem

Now comes one of the common reasons for which the problem arises. A faulty, corrupted or outdated network driver tends to be one of the reasons for the problem to manifest and disrupt the flow of work. Now, the issue may hold different names like the Ethernet Not Working, no LAN access, and no WiFi available. However, now, you are required to download as well as install relevant network drivers for the respective OS version of the Windows desktop or laptop. Visit the official website and then search for the relevant drivers and then proceed to download and install them. And then, once the drivers are all up-to-date, make sure to inspect if the system manifests the Err Network Changed again. And this then is a clear indication that the next procedure is sure to resolve all the complications.

Procedure 4: Consider the Internet Options

Consider the Internet Options

Now it is time to turn to the internet settings. For this, launch the Control Panel on Windows 10. Then, make changes in the View settings and switch to make them Small icons. After that, click on the Internet Options. Now, click on the Connections tab and click on the button of the LAN settings. Then, untick the Automatically Detect Settings and head over to click on the OK button. Now, this should be sufficient to treat the Err Network Changed issue comprehensively. And the cases of failure are rare since the list holds the methods chronologically. However, in case the problem persists, the final procedure is a 100% win. Therefore, stick through and make a complete attempt with the final procedure.

Procedure 5: Turn the Router Off and then On Again

Turn the Router Off and then On Again

The failure of the router to function properly is also a problem and can result in the detection of a network change. Now, this method involves the user to turn the router Off and then back On. This simple step will give you the answer if the issue persists or not. Hence, make sure to inspect if it exists even then.

This handbook provides a detailed guide to treat the Err Network Changed issue completely. And trying all of the above procedures brings a favorable result in troubleshooting the problem. However, in case the issue is stubborn enough and refuses to leave, then immediately run to a technical expert who can eradicate the error in an hassle-free manner. And this takes care of the fact that you will have the system run like before. But, always make sure to try your hands on the problem before consulting expert assistance.