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Amazing Hacks To Resolve Epson Scanner Error 9923

Epson scanner error 9923 is one of the annoying issues that you might face at the time of using a technically advanced scanner like Epson’s. It can prevent you from doing your important task all of a sudden. If you are facing such a problem right now, then you need to fix it to complete the job you were doing. And to do so, go through this article attentively and resolve this error in real time. We are here to help you to get rid of this problem smoothly. So, let’s know the error inside out and fix it.

Causes of the Epson Scanner Error 9923

There can be many reasons for this irritating error. But it mainly happens because of the communication problem. It might happen at the time of connecting your printer with the Mac Operating System. Accordingly, there are some other reasons behind this too. Have a look:

  • Any power related problem can cause such a problem.
  • If your scanner is not correctly connected to the USB, then you might face this error.   
  • If the USB cable is properly connected to your printer and still you are facing this error, then the cable can be the reason.
  • Even a Local Area Network can also create this problem if your device is connected to one.
  • You can face this problem even if the Printer Drivers are incorrectly installed.

Easy Procedure to Fix the Epson Scanner Error 9923

Here, we are presenting some powerful methods to resolve the error 9923 in no time. Try them and fix the issue:

Check the Connection properly

Check all the connection related to the scanner, such as power cables and USB adapters properly. After that, check the switchboards and the wires well, as the error can be caused because of the connection failure.

Restart the Scanner

Remove all the cables from your scanner after switching it off. Hold on for a little time and then and put all the wires back to the scanner again. After that, switch it on and check whether it is work or not. If this process fails to work, then go to the next solution.

Reset the Printer

Resetting your printer can resolve this problem as it can restore the scan options and scan connection. To do so, follow the upcoming instructions:

Disconnect all the connected cables between your computer and the scanner. Click the menu option and select System Preferences. After that, you have to choose the button ‘Printers and Scanners’. After clicking the Control key, select the icon of the Epson printer that you will find in the left panel of the window.

Now, hit the option ‘Reset Printing System’. After doing so, select the Epson scanner from ‘Applications’. Here, execute your Mac uninstaller and then click ‘+’ and add a new printer. Select the particular model and version. And of course, don’t forget to add the widget at the time of resetting the scanner device. After doing all these steps, restart the device and complete the task.

Hope the above solutions have helped you to get rid of this problem easily. If still, you are facing the same problem, then it might be happening because of some hardware failure. In that case, it is the perfect time to take some help from an expert. And you should not try DIY as it can harm your device badly if you are not accustomed to doing such a task.

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