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Efficient Ways To Resolve Epson Projector Overheating Issue

Epson printers, scanners and all other electronic devices are famous worldwide for its high-end specifications exceptional performance. Sometimes, while you are using Epson projectors for a long time for watching some videos, the projector gets heated up. Epson projector overheating is a very common situation which is very often faced by the Epson projector users. If this issue gets resolved at an early stage, it would not lead to any problems. The process to cool down the projector is very easy. But if you face any difficulties in cooling down the projector, then you take a look at this article. Here, we are going to discuss some of the most useful tips and tricks to resolve the Epson projector overheating issue.

Possible Causes Which Led to Epson Projector Overheating Issue:

Overheating of any device is primarily caused when it is being used for a long time. Let’s have a glance at some of the prominent causes of the Epson projector overheating issue. You might face the overheating issue with the Epson projector under such circumstances:

  1. If the power supply which you are using for the projector is not perfect
  2. If there is no proper ventilation system or improper air movement in the room in which you are keeping the projector then it might get overheated.
  3. In case, you are not cleaning the projector from time to time.

Challenging Methods To Resolve Epson Projector Overheating Issue:

Below we have provided step-by-step guidance to resolve the Epson projector overheating issue. Just take a look at them.

  1. By removing the bulb.
  2. By opening the Clam-shell.
  3. Through the cables joining the top and bottom halves.
  4. By removing the exhaust blower.
  5. Through removing the blower fans from the bulb assembly.
  6. Complete installation of the Bulb fans.
  7. By reconnecting the controls.
  8. Putting it all together

Step 1: Remove the Bulb

At first, unscrew the screw from the lid to open and remove it. After that, take out the bulb and then, slightly remove the cover of the printer.  Now, press the wire holder and revolve it up. Then, remove it from the projector. After that, with the help of the tab, pull and lift the bulb up slightly from its socket and place it in the cover.

While removing the bulb from the projector, you have to follow some safety precautions. Only when the projector cools down and the wires from the projector are plugged out, then remove the bulb from the projector. Also, make sure that while you are touching the lenses or the bulb, there is no oil in your finger, otherwise, it might damage the projector.

Step 2: Open the Clam-Shell

After removing the bulb, open the clam-shell. To open the clam-shell, you need to unscrew the five screws from the rear part of the projector. After that, unscrew the small 3 screws from the back panel. Now, flip the projector and remove all the screws. Then, remove the air filter and clean it by blowing with your mouth.  Next, you have to clean it with a cloth. Now, remove the protective cover from the port and remove the cables from the projector if any. Next, remove the rear part from the projector.

Step 3: Remove the Cables Joining the Top and Bottom Halves

Now, you will get the two wires at the bottom and the top halves of the projector. The one in the front is of black color and the other one which is at the bottom is of blue color. Now, if you want to remove the cables slide, you need to do in by moving gently in the forward direction. Therefore, you can easily remove the clamp shells from the laptop.

Step 4: Remove the Exhaust Blower

To remove the exhaust blower, at first, remove the primary blower by zipping the tie carefully. After that, open the plastic clips from it and remove the two screws to open the grill which is at the front of the blower. Now, remove the third screw below the cover of the bulb. Next, pull the brackets gently and remove the blower from the projector. Now, take out the blower carefully from the projector and clean it. After that, place the blower in the projector in the same way which you have removed it.

Step 5: Remove the Blower Fans from the Bulb Assembly

At first, take out the two blower black colored screws which are supporting the blower fan. After that, remove the two steel colored screws made up of stainless steel. Next, remove the wires from the fans. Then, pull the blower fans towards yourself. At last, remove the blower fans and clean them.

Step 6: Installation Of The Bulb Fans

Now, place the bulb fans, in the same manner, you have removed it from the projectors. Then, put the screws and tighten them. Next, place the lid of the bulb fans and screw them tightly.

Step 7: Reconnect the Controls

If you want to reconnect the controls, then put all the wires in the projector. After that, place all the controls and screw them.

Step 8: Putting It All Together

Finally, after performing the above procedures, you need to place the main cover of the projector and screw it properly so that it doesn’t open accidentally.

Thus, by following the methods as mentioned above, you can fix the Epson projector overheating issue. If still, you fail to fix the error, then contact a technician to get rid of this critical issue.