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Resolve DirecTV Now Error 40 With Easy Hacks

DirecTV enables users to access the streaming TV by subscribing it and without a long-term commitment. Despite its incredible functionalities and fastest technology, there are some technical- glitches for an extended period. As a result, you often encounter the unexpected message “DirecTV Now error 40” and get stuck while you try to access the DirecTV Now app through your Apple TV or run from any other platforms. It is a video error and the app can’t load the video data due to a data transmission problem. However, you may resolve those issue by going through this article technically.

Fix DirecTV Now Error With Few Steps

There are several methods to fix this DirecTV Now error 40 efficiently. Here, we have given some of the easy steps which help you out to resolve DirecTV error 40. So, you may try out the methods below to avoid this irritating issue.

Refresh DirecTV

Refresh DirecTV

Sometimes, by refreshing the DirecTV service app, you can fix the DirecTV service error manually.

First, disconnect the power cord of the receiver device from the electrical outlet and wait for 10-12 seconds. Then, plugged in it again.

Now, press the Power button on the front panel the receiver and wait for another 20-25 seconds until the reboot is completed. Finally, open the  DirecTV Now service again and refresh it to check whether the Video error is removed or not.

Modify Settings

Most of the times, an incorrect setting or misconfiguration becomes a major issue in DirecTV error. As a result, while you try to turn it on, your device shows the message, “DirecTV Now error 40”.

Turn on the device where you want to run the DirecTV now. For an example. if you are an Apple TV user and you want to make Apple as the platform of DirecTV Now, then switch on the Apple TV at first and go to the Settings app (Gear icon). Under the Settings Properties window, you will get multiple options. Choose Audio and Video sub-menu from that list. Now, make sure Audio Out is set to Apple TV. One more thing, you need to verify that both of the Music and Sound Effects are enabled.  

Select the option surround sound and choose another option Best Quality Available. Check whether it is enabled or not. Turn it on still if it is disabled. Finally, reboot your device and check whether the problem is resolved or not.

Reset DirecTV Service

Reset DirecTV Service

While the reboot and settings modification is not enough to overcome the DirecTV service error, then you need to reset thus service as soon as possible to avoid it.  

From the front panel of the window, you need to press the Reset button of the DirecTV access card door. Then, unplug the power cord of the receiver (Such as AppleTV) from the electrical outlet. Now, wait for 12-15 seconds and re-plugged it again. Finally, press Power button to reboot it and wait until the receiver is restarted.

Re-install DirecTV App

An incorrect installation won’t able to generate a smooth DirecTV service in your receiver. Moreover, a missing setup file or a corrupted file becomes a significant issue in DirecTV sound card problem. So, you need to uninstall this app and reinstall it to solve this issue.

Tap on the Start button and open the Start menu. Now, type “Control” to open the Control Panel window. In this window, you will find several menus and choose ‘Programs & Features’. Then, go to the option Uninstall a program and select the DirecTV Now installer app from the list of installed apps. Right click on it and tap on Uninstall to remove this app from your device. Next, confirm it by tapping on OK button and reboot the device. Finally, install this service from the official DirecTV site with the latest version.

Upgrade DirecTV Service

Upgrade DirecTV Service

An outdated software won’t be able to accept the upgraded service due to its low memory capacity. As a result, if you want to watch an HD video, your device may pop-up “DirecTV Now error 40”.

First, go to the Device Manager window by typing “devicemngr” in the search box and hit the Enter key. From this window, go to the Installed Software section and right-click on the DirecTV Now app. Then, choose the option Update Driver from the pop-up menu. Confirm it by tapping the “Yes” button and let the update process to start. It will take several minutes to finish the process and wait until this update process is finished. Finally, restart the receiver and open the DirecTV service to check whether the video error is resolved or not.

Clear Cache

A collection of junk files and the bulk of data in Cache affects the performance of the DirecTV app. Then, you may face the audio-files error.

First, go to the Settings app by tapping the Settings (Gear icon) and open the Apps section. Inside it, you will find several options and choose Manage Installed Apps to get a list of installed items in your system. After that, click on DirecTV Now app to open the entire details. Then, tap on  Clear Cache and Clear Data respectively to remove the junk files from this application.
In the above article, we have discussed briefly on DirecTV Now app error 40 along with the proper solutions. Moreover, you will get a brief idea about the possible symptoms of the DirecTV. So, a DirecTV user can easily identify the problem at the very beginning of the stage. As a result, the users especially the non-tech-savvy person can resolve it in an efficient way and avoid all possible conflicts in their receivers.