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Best Hacks To Resolve DirecTV Error Code 775

Directv is a service that provides signals directly to your television sets via the satellite. Directv is an alternate choice for the people who do not have a cable connection. You can encounter the DirecTV error code 775 due to one main reason which is, the receiver has some problem in the communication pathway with the satellite dish. The communication problem between the receiver and the dish may also occur because of some loose connection of the wire. Sometimes, the cable is broken due to which you can face this problem also. In the next section, you will get to know about the symptoms of this error. Keep reading this article to eliminate the error code.

Indications for DirecTV Error Code 775

This section of this article will provide you with the symptoms when this error occurs. For that follow the points below.

  • When you face this glitch, then the first thing that occurs is that the television screen just freezes or gets stuck.
  • Sometimes, the picture or the video or the screen gets pixilated.
  • Even, in some cases, when you get this error, there is no video at all on the television i.e. complete blackout.

In the upcoming section, you will get the solutions to rectify this problem.

Solutions to Eliminate: DirecTV 775 Error Code Fix

This section of the article will provide you with different points that will help you to eradicate the DirecTV error code 775 in an easy way as possible.

Inspect the Swim Power Inserter

Inspect the Swim Power InserterHere, you will get elaborate steps on how you can examine cables of the receiver and satellite dish.

  • First, turn off and disconnect the ‘Swim’ power inserter from the wall socket.
  • After that, wait for a minute or two.
  • Next, put the Power Inserter back into the wall socket and then, switch it On. Now, look and inspect if it is working correctly or not.
  • Finally, be sure all the connections are in proper place and then, start the receiver and television and see if the error gets rectified or not.

Wait for the Solar Storm to pass

When you encounter the DirecTV error code 775, every time you attempt to watch the television, then it can be due to some natural calamities like solar storms. When this kind of storm occurs, then it can create some interference in the signal and thus, this issue can come up. Therefore, the only best solution that you have is to wait for the storm to go away. Once the storm is over make an attempt to start the television and see if this error re-surfaces or not.

Examine all the Cables within the Directv Receiver

Examine all the Cables within the Directv ReceiverWhen the cables that connect the television with the receiver and the satellite dish get loose, then you might meet with the DirecTV error code 775. The solution to resolve this issue is to check every cable of this setup and see if they are loose or not. Also, if the wires are punctured or not.

  • First, on the DirecTV receiver look at all the connections on its rear section and see they are loose or not. If they are properly connected and you still encounter this problem. Then, see if the connected wires have any puncture or not.
  • Additionally, you have to do this kind of checking for the wires on the satellite dish also.
  • If the placement of all the connections is done correctly with no slashed wires, then unplug all the cable and plug them back in properly.
  • At last, after all the wire connections are completely secured then, switch on the television and see if you still face this error or not.


The best solution for the DirecTV error code 775 fix is present in the above section. Now, if you are unable to solve this problem even after following all the steps, then do not panic. You can always go for technical assistance whenever required. Further, if you are able to resolve the problem, then share the details in the comment section.