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Ultimate Guidance To Resolve DirecTV Error Code 771 Quickly

The DirecTV is one of the most common American direct broadcast satellite service providers. Despite its best functionalities, the DirecTV to has its own set of issues. The error code 771 is the most commonly reported issue with the DirecTV. The DirecTV error code 771 happens when your receiver fails to receive a good signal or is unable to communicate with your satellite dish. You may also face the error code during lousy weather.
If you face the same error code, do not worry. Go through the article to know more about the steps you need to follow to fix the glitch instantly.

Probable Reasons Causing DirecTV Error Code 771

The error code 771 primarily occurs due to severe weather, storm, hail or snow. Depending on the weather, the error occurs or resolves. When the severe weather passes, the error might fix on its own. The error also occurs if the receiver malfunctions or if they are not attached correctly.  Moreover, if you still encounter the error and fail to detect the causes, connect with the experts.

How To Fix DirecTV Error Code 771?

The DirecTV works according to the weather. If you are facing the error and do not know the ways on how to fix DirecTV error code 771, go through the following methods and fix the issue without any hassle:

Method 1: Check Connection

First, you need to check if the connection is proper between the receiver and the dish. To do so, perform the following steps:
First, you need to check if the connections between your receiver and the dish are correct.
2. Now, make sure to connect the power cable firmly to a wall outlet.
3. Furthermore, if the power cable is connected to the power adapter correctly, ensure, so that the devices are properly connected and are powered on as well.
4. Finally, you need to verify if the cable connecting to the satellite dish is in the SAT-IN or SATELLITE-IN port. Also, make sure to check if the device is firmly attached.

Method 2: Reset Your Receiver

If the receiver is malfunctioning or the settings are altered, you will encounter the DirecTV error code 771.
Hence, first, check if the receiver is connected correctly. If the connection is proper, reset the receiver. To do the same, open the access card door. You will find it on the front of the receiver. Now, you need to press on the small red button below the door. Release the button after a few seconds and then wait for the receiver to reset itself. On the other hand, if your receiver does not have the button, you need to unplug the receiver’s power cable and wait for a few seconds. Plug it back and then press on the “Power” button. Wait until the receiver to resets itself.