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Effective Guide To Resolve Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working

Among all laptop brands, Dell is one of the most preferred choice of users. It is well known for its inbuilt quality along with its ultra-edging features. Although it is much simplified and user-friendly yet like other laptops, it faces some technical glitches. In case, you are stuck with any complicated error and looking for solutions, then you are in the right place. One of the major issues you may come across is Dell laptop keyboard not working. So in this article, we will provide you the effective ways to resolve the issue.

Just have a look at the entire article and follow the proven solutions as per mentioned.

General Issues With Dell Laptop Keyboard

Is your laptop or keyboard interrupting your work? Occasionally you may encounter this issue as listed below:-

Repairing a Loose key:- Generally, we often do not care about the loose keys. But it is a major cause of keyboard damage. Basically, it is very easy to repair a loose key. Particularly this leads to Dell Laptop keyboard not working.
Non-functional keys:- A key of such type should be removed. Undoubtedly, full damage occurs without removal.
Retaining Clip:- Although keyboards do not need replacement very often. Consequently, it needs proper maintenance. You must know how to solve or contact experts.
Overusing:- Overusing of keyboards leads to keyboard malfunction. Therefore avoid over usage.
Update problems:- As when you update a computer system, update the keyboard settings which is present inside.

Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working: Quick And Easy Hacks

If your Dell keyboard is troubling you, then follow the steps below.

Fix 1: Restart The Laptop

One of the most effective ways to resolve the Dell laptop keyboard not working issue is to restart the device. So try and restart the laptop at first when you are facing such an issue. If the problem persists, then move on with the other solutions.

Fix 2: Uninstall Dell Laptop Keyboard Driver

It is quite often that there are issues with the keyboard driver and as a result, you may face Dell laptop keyboard not working. In such a case, try and reinstall the keyboard driver. So in order to reinstall, follow some of the important steps mentioned below.

From the Start menu, click and open the Control Panel. Now open the Device Manager.
Find and expand the Keyboards section. Now uninstall the keyboard driver software easily by right-clicking on the keyboard driver software option.
Restart the Dell laptop once when the uninstalling part is over. Lastly, check whether the keyboard is working properly.
If you still face the same problem, then move on to the next solution.

Fix 3: Update The Keyboard Driver

Enter the website and find the drivers. Corresponding to the latest version of the keyboard driver, download the driver correctly by following all the on-screen instructions. This can only be possible when you have some technical knowledge. So be alert while performing the manual action.

If you are technically proficient and are aware of all the facts, then update the battery drivers automatically. It will help you to download the required driver without any trouble. Moreover, by doing this you do not need to fret as the device is automatically going to install the driver. Once the installation is complete, simply restart the laptop.

Fix 4: Turn Off Filter Keys

This feature is available in every laptop and it is set by default. It is designed to ignore brief and repeated keystrokes. So in order to fix it, you need to turn off the Filter Keys and try the steps mentioned below:
Firstly, open the Ease of Access Center from the Control Panel.
Select the ‘Make the keyboard easier to use’ option by simply scrolling down.
Now find and locate the Filter key option. Uncheck the ‘Turn on Filter Keys’ option.
Save all the changes and click on the Apply option.

Fix 5: Use A USB Keyboard

Making use of the USB keyboard is much effective and might solve the issues from the root. Although it is not an appropriate solution at times it might help you out. If still, your keyboard does not work, then get a new keyboard that supports Windows 10.

Fix 6: Use Windows Key And Space Shortcut

Pressing the Windows and Space key can solve the purpose of Dell laptop keyboard not working In Windows 10. Most of the time, it has been successful and all the keys start working. So trying the solution is much effective, so give a try!
One other ways by which you can remove the problem of some keys not working on Dell laptop is by pressing the Esc key. You need to simply hold and press the Shift and the lock icon on the laptop. Hope the problem will be resolved.

Final Words

After following these methods, you can surely fix this keyboard issue in an instant. Hope, this content will benefit you. You can share your feedback with us or feel free to provide any suggestions you feel important.