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Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 5100 With Best Guide

Canon printers can generate a supreme quality output within a short time period. In Spite of its incredible functionality, it creates a cartridge issue at times. Therefore, you won’t be able to take a single copy without resolving it. While you try to print a document through your Canon printer, you will get the error message, “Canon Printer Error Code 5100” frequently.

Fix Canon Printer Error Easily

The Canon printer issue may arise due to several problems which are familiar to the every Canon users. Therefore, you have to fix both of the printer hardware and software issues together to get rid of this annoying issue.

Remove Packaging Materials

You won’t able to use the Canon printer if the packaging materials such as tapes, protective materials are not detached from the printer. So, you need to remove those materials at first.

First, open the output cover of your Canon printer and make sure that the protective materials are removed from the fine cartridge holder. if you find any particle inside the cartridge remove it properly and close the paper output cover. Finally, switch on your Canon printer and check whether the error code 5100 occurs at the time of printing.

Replace FINE Cartridge

If you find a problem with the FINE cartridge, then you need to replace it immediately. Now, install a new FINE cartridge properly and once the installation is done, don’t remove it from the machine.

Now, check whether the FINE cartridge runs out of ink. If so, then you can print with the black or color FINE cartridge. However, always avoid the used cartridges to obtain the optimum qualities.

Color ink may be consumed even while you try to take a black and white printout. Moreover, both of the color and black ink are necessary for the standard cleaning and deep cleaning process respectively. As a result, it increases the performance by cleaning the printer head also. Similarly, replace the FINE cartridge immediately with a new one while ink runs out of the cartridge.

Additional Information:
  • Make sure that the power of the Canon printer is turned on
  • Verify the particles are removed from the printer. So, open both of the front cover and output tray.
  • Finally, open the output cover and fix the FINE cartridge in the particular position.

Remove Paper Jam Issue

Sometimes, large-sized documents or lengthy documents create a problem if you insert them simultaneously. Moreover, while you try to insert more pages than its capacity, then it raises the error message, ” Canon Printer error 5100″. As a result, all the papers get stuck in the input system tray.

Inside the Machine At The Transport Unit

First, turn off your printer and unplug the power cord. Now, open the document tray and the document cover respectively. After that, check whether the jammed paper is inside the front tray. Then, to open the transport unit, you need to push the open lever and support the machine with your hand so that it does not fall down. Then, you have to pull out the jammed papers slowly and close that unit after finishing the job. Next, plug the machine again and turn on the printer. Finally, load the papers and cancel the previous jobs which are waiting in the queue.

Inside the Machine

Turn off your Canon printer and disconnect the power supply from the printer. Now, open the paper output cover and remove the papers from the front tray.  Make sure that the FINE cartridge holder does not hang over the paper. After that, hold the jammed paper with your hands without touching the clear film and make sure that all the jammed paper is out. Finally, close the paper output cover and reload the papers.

Reset Canon Printer

First, turn off the Canon printer by pressing the Power button for 5-10 seconds. After that, disconnect the data cable from the printer if you are using the wired network. In case of a wireless connection, disconnect the Wifi connection or infrared or bluetooth. Now, press the “Reset” button from the back side of the Canon printing device and hold it for 3-5 seconds to reconfigure the printer. Finally, turn on the printer again and check whether the Canon device is showing the Canon printer error code 5100 or not.

Here, we have discussed the solutions to fix the Canon printer error 5100 with ease. We hope these will be useful to remove the difficulty with a paper jam in Canon printer. Moreover, it helps to fix the FINE cartridge issue immediately without affecting the other parts of the printer. However, this article will assist the non-tech savvy person as well to fix the Canon printer issue effectively.

Canon printers, just like any other printer from a different brand can give these error messages. Yet the good thing is that you’ll be to able fix these with proper instructions.
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