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Amazing Hacks To Resolve Canon Error 80 Instantly

While using a Canon EOS camera, the users get Canon error 80 code or message occasionally which appears on the camera’s LCD screen. Due to some technical faults in the communication between the camera and lens, this error appears on your camera’s LCD screen. Battery related issue can also responsible for this error code. If you subsequently continued to use this camera, a state might occur when the power button does not turn on the camera. This problem can appear if there is continuous use of the camera. The functions of the camera can be easily recovered after restarting it and it will also solve the error.

Hence, the Canon camera fails to work properly. So, in this article, we will discuss the steps by which you can easily overcome this situation. Hence, keep reading this post.

Know How to Identify the Error code 80

First, you need to identify the error. This error code starting with 80, followed by a number. The first two digits of the number indicate its serial number and the range is from 00 to 22. When you encounter this error on your camera, you cannot take any photo. As soon as you get this error on your camera LCD, it is advised to do nothing with the camera. Most of the time, it can be easily fixed after removing and reinserting the battery of the camera. But, if the problem still persists, then read the article carefully to know the solutions and apply them accordingly.

Quick-Fix Canon Error 80 with some Basic Troubleshooting Steps:

Before continuing with the solutions part, be sure that you have backed up all your images and videos to your personal computer. Otherwise, you might lose the data and files stored in the camera. Then, try out the effective steps for error 80 which are stated in the section below.

Method 1: Reinstall the Battery

At first, you need to check the battery of the camera. If there is a problem with the battery, then the error code 80 will appear in the LCD screen of your camera. Thus, you need to recharge the battery as the batteries we use in it come with recharge compatibility. After doing this, if the error code still persists on your camera, in such cases, you should change the battery and insert a new battery. It will surely help you to resolve the issue.

Method 2: Turn off and turn on the Camera

As we have mentioned in the earlier section that when the problem appears on the LCD screen, then you need to turn off the camera and turn on it. Most of the time, with the help of this troubleshooting method, this error gets resolved.

In this article, we have talked about the process which helps you to get rid of the Canon error 80. Hopefully, with the above-mentioned methods will help you to resolve the issue by yourself. If not, then look for a professional’s help.