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Different Ways To Resolve Avast Firewall Won’t Turn On Windows 10 Problem

In this advanced technology era, malware, virus, and cybercrimes are one the most concern problem. This malware, virus and cybercrime attack can damage your PC and laptops. Hence, to protect your system, antivirus and Firewall application were developed. There are many antivirus brands in the market, but Avast is the most reliable. Many users prefer to use this Avast antivirus for its advanced search facilities and huge virus database. Despite all this facilities and features, it has some technical glitches. While using Avast antivirus you can face the Avast firewall won’t turn on Windows 10 problem.

Firewall is a crucial program for the computer and laptops, which protect the files and data from the malware and virus. On the other hand, Avast is a renowned antivirus application. Avast is way better than the native Firewall application of Windows 10. But this two antivirus applications can conflict in your system due to some problem. Whenever you try to open the Avast antivirus Firewall might prevent to do so.

The problem some time prevent you to access your PC and laptop. That’s why it is most important to remove the problem as soon as possible. If you don’t know, how to do the task, then go through the article to know some effective and easy ways to solve the issue quickly.

Easy Hacks To Fix Avast Firewall Won’t Turn On Windows 10

There are many ways by which you can fix the Avast not working problem in your system. Here we are going to describe some of the easy ways to solve this issue immediately.

Solution 1: Conflict Between Avast And Firewall

Conflict Between Avast And Firewall

When you are accessing Avast antivirus in your system, at that time you can’t use the Firewall. As Windows Firewall is the default antivirus application, so it always prevents any other antivirus. Only one antivirus can work in a system. So, if you want to use any antivirus, then you have to choose any one between these two. Otherwise, they will conflict. So, it is always better to use Avast antivirus over Windows Firewall.

To disable the Windows Firewall, go to the Control Panel and then click on the System and Security option. From there select the Windows Firewall option. Then, a new tab will open and under that go to the “Windows Firewall on or Off” option. After that, turn it off from there.

Solution 2: Clear Malware Programs

Sometimes many malicious programs and malware can affect your system and for that reason, you might face the problem. However, these malicious applications make the system significantly slow. So, you have to remove these threats to fix the issue. For that, launch the Troubleshoot tool and scan the whole device. Then, it will find out all defected files and programs in your system. After that, it will automatically delete those files and programs. Now, you can access your system without having any error.

Solution 3: Clear Registry Entries

Clear Registry Entries

Registry entries are the most important service to run any computer smoothly. If there is any problem in the registry entries, then you can face this kind of problem in your system. Due to excessive use of the computer, Registry Entries Settings might get hamper. So, it is better to clear all those wrong settings from the registry entries. It might fix the issue from your system. You can do it from the Control Panel. Go to the System Settings. Under that, you can find the Registry Entry option. Then, double-click on that option and from there set the Registry Entries to its Default Settings.

Solution 4: Reboot Operating System

Avast blocking internet Windows 10 problem can occur due to the problem in the Operating System. If the error is in the Operating System. Then, you have to reboot the OS to fix the issue properly. You can perform the Manual Reboot Task from the Control Panel. After that, process finishes, then restart the Avast antivirus. Then, check whether the problem still occurring or not.

Solution 5: Update Avast Antivirus Software

If you are using the outdated Avast software in your system, then it is possible to face the problem. Outdated software does not contain the latest features to fix any kind of internal problem. Hence, it is good to update the software from time to time. This updated software contains many bug fixing facilities which increase the stability of the software. So, update the Avast antivirus and access it without any error or technical glitch.

Solution 6: Repair Avast Application

Repair Avast Application

After updating the Avast application, if you are still facing the problem, then you can go for the process. You just need to repair the Avast antivirus application to fix the issue properly. To do the task first, open the Control Panel and then select the Programs option. Under that, navigate to the Programs and Features option. From there, click on the Avast application and then select the Repair option. After the process finishes, restart the system. After that, you will not face the problem again in your system.

Winding Up

We hope that, after going through the procedures mentioned above, you will able to fix the Avast Firewall won’t turn on Windows 10 issue. In the future, if you face the problem again then visit the website for further information and knowledge.