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Resolve Asus Motherboard Error Code 99 With Technical Troubleshooting Steps

After a successful update, to trigger a booting process is a vital step to resolve most of the issues. Moreover, it helps to reset the BIOS as well as configure the Windows manually. But, it becomes an annoying issue if you come across a troublesome motherboard. The device shows an error message, “Asus Motherboard Error Code 99”. The system fails to give an on-time response, it even fails to perform the basic input/output operations.

Significant Symptoms of Asus Motherboard Error

While you try to boot the Asus system, sometimes you get stuck with the error code 99. It is nothing but a motherboard failure issue. Moreover, it fails to start the booting action and shows an unexpected error message, “Asus Motherboard Error Code 99”. Moreover, the system shows another serious message, “No Signal”. As a result, it prevents you to perform the BIOS(Basic Input/Output System). Thus, the basic operations of the computer fail to work and the system failure issue appears.

Resolve Asus Motherboard Error Code 99 with a Few Effective Steps

There are lots of solutions that will help you out to resolve the Asus motherboard issue. Moreover, it helps to avoid all the possible motherboard problems efficiently.

Reset CMOS (Through Jumper)

CMOS setting issue is one of the significant problems behind this Motherboard 99 issue. Therefore, without performing the CMOS reset process, you won’t able to fix it. However, CMOS jumper makes it simple to handle and it is a time-saving process to fix the Asus Motherborad and other internal issues associated with it.

  1. Power off the PC.
  2. Disconnect all the cables from your device and open the System Motherboard.
  3. Now, locate the CMOS jumper and remove all three pins from the jumper.
  4. Now, move the jumper from 1-2 position to 2-3 position and clear CMOS.
  5. Wait for 5-7 minutes and reset again back to its default position.
  6. Switch on the System and enter the BIOS screen to reset the Factory Defaults.

Reset though Battery Method

Through the battery removing method, you can perform resetting the CMOS without any hassle. This step is also effective to repair the Asus laptop battery issue. It is beneficial for locating the CMOS error:

  1. Disconnect all the peripheral devices connected with the Asus system and remove the power cord from AC Power.
  2. Remove the device cover and locate the battery on the motherboard. The battery may be connected with the horizontal or vertical holder with a wire.
  3. Remove the battery from the board and wait for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Re-connect the battery as well as place the cover back on.
  5. Connect your system to the power outlet and turn it on to fix Asus Motherboard Error Code 99.

Fix MBR Issue

If the MBR(Master Boot Record) is damaged, the Windows booting process will get stuck as it acts as a loader of Operating System. Moreover, it holds information about the hard drive partition. To perform the MBR repair program, you may follow the step below and remove the Asus Motherboard Error Code 99 easily.

  1. Install the original DVD or recovery USB as per your convenience.
  2. Boot the installation DVD successfully and tap on the option Repair Your Computer from the Welcome Screen.
  3. Choose Troubleshoot and Command Prompt respectively from the resultant windows.
  4. In the Command Prompt window, run the following commands “bootrec/FixMbr”, “bootrec/FixBoot”, “bootrec/ScanOS”, “Bootrec/RebuildBcd” respectively.
  5. Press Enter key after each and every commands to run them individually. Wait for 2-3 minutes to complete each operation.
  6. Remove the DVD from the disk tray of the system.
  7. Type Exit and hit Enter key to close the Command Prompt window.

Install a New Processor

A CPU (Central Processing Unit) works as the heart of an active system. So, a failure of CPU causes a harmful effect on the motherborad and generates the Asus error like significant issues very often. So, the best approach to overcome this annoying issue is to replace the processor with a new one and check its compatibility before installing it into your device. Sometimes, replacement of the motherborad is the best way to avoid the Asus laptop motherborad conflicts. However, you may try out the process given below and fix this irritating issue within a limited time frame:

  1. Check the Motherborad compatibility with our system first and upgrade the processor on the laptop or PC.
  2. Open up the computer CPU cabinet and locate the CPU cooler.
  3. After that, remove all the cables and blocking components from the cabinet.
  4. Detach the CPU Socket Cover and gently lift out the processor without damaging any pin.
  5. Now, install a new motherboard if necessary. Place the processor into the socket after gently opening the processor unit.
  6. Re-latch the socket cover and apply the thermal paste to the processor.
  7. Securely place the CPU cooler plug-in all the wites and cables as it was previously.
  8. Close up the cabinet case and switch on the CPU power.
  9. Now, power on the device and check whether the system is working properly or not.
  10. If not, try to reinstall the Operating System and run the PC again to check the device functionality for removing Asus Motherboard Error Code 99.

Disconnect HDD

Sometimes, a hard disk drive failure causes this Asus motherboard issue. Incorrect installation of the hard drive may create this severe problem. Besides this, damage to the hardware components associated with the HDD is responsible behind this Asus Motherboard Error Code 99

  1. Remove the battery from the system and remove the service door of the Asus device.
  2. Now, remove the screws from the cabinet that keeps securing your Hard disk drive.
  3. Now, slide the Hard disk drive and disconnect it.
  4. Disconnect the cables attach with the Hard Disk Drive.

Sum It Up

In this exhaustive article, we have discussed precisely on the Asus Motherboard error 99. It helps you to alert at the primary stage of the problem. Moreover, we have given some of the effective steps that enhances CPU performance. Besides this, you can know the valid reasons behind this annoying issue that is helpful to avoid the motherboard issue in the future. Furthermore, you can tackle all the Hard Disk failure issues without facing any problem, So, we hope, this article will be beneficial for you to resolve the motherboard error code 99 on your Asus motherboard as well as enhances the overall system performance.

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