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Simple Techniques to Resolve Apple Phone Error 1035

Apple phone error 1035 is basically a voicemail related issue. Users mainly confront this error code while updating or setting up the voicemail on their iOS devices. This is a very irritating issue for them. Because due to this you cannot use the voicemail on your iOS devices. In addition, this error also occurs due to the problem with the mobile network or carrier. Hence, the fixing procedures also vary from the mobile carrier to carrier. Some mobile carrier company does not support the voicemail or the visual voicemail features which are present on the iPhone.

Therefore, if you are struggling with the same problem and want a reliable solution, then this article is for you. Here, in this segment, we are going to discuss some effective techniques in order to solve the error code 1035. With the help of the solutions, you can able to fix the problem without any trouble and will be able to use the voicemail on your iOS device properly.

Causes behind the com.apple.mobilephone error 1035:

When you try to update the voicemail on your iOS device, a pop-up message will appear on your screen. It displays the error message “com.apple.mobilephone error 1035”. There are multiple reasons which are responsible for this problem. But here, we are mentioning the major ones.

  • Due to weak or slow connectivity is responsible for the error code 1035.
  • If the Settings option of voicemail is not properly set up, this problem can crop up.
  • In addition, if the carrier settings are not fully updated, then you can confront this abrupt situation.

After knowing the prime reasons for the error code 1035, you should fix the problem as early possible. Hence, follow the rest of the article and find a solution which is best suited for you.

Probable Solutions to Fix Apple Phone Error 1035:

In this segment, you will get various methods and steps that can help you to resolve the problem Apple phone error 1035 in the easiest and quickest way possible.

Process # 1: Setup or Reset your iPhone’s Voicemail

Apple mobile phone error 1035 mainly appear due to the problem with the voicemail. That is why you need to set up the voicemail properly or you can reset the voicemail to avoid this error. So, here we will explain the steps to overcome this error in both the scenarios.

Reset your Voicemail

To reset the voicemail of your iPhone, you need to ensure that your iPhone is connected with a stable WiFi network. Hence, follow the below steps in order to reset the voicemail of the iOS device.

  • Open your iPhone and from the home screen, select Phone or Dialer icon. After that, launch the Numeric keyboard.
  • Next, press the 1 key and hold it for some time to create a call. In the next step, press * key from the keyboard and you will enter into the main menu list.
  • Now, tap 3 for accessing the Greeting menu. When you get prompted, you need to press 2 to record a new greeting. After that, press the # key to make sure the greeting post-recording.
  • At last, you need to press 1 key, to set the recorded message as your voicemail greeting.

Setup Voicemail in iOS device

To set up the voicemail on your iPhone, execute the steps provided below:

  • First, you need to turn off all the WiFi network. You can do it by tapping the WiFi icon from the Control Panel option. Else, you can do this by going to the Settings option. In the Settings option, you need to select WiFi and turn it off by sliding the bar.
  • After that, launch the Phone or Dialer icon from your home screen. Now, press and hold the 1 key and put the password to access the voicemail. Next, hit the * key to enter into the main menu. Then, select 3 to access the Greetings menu.
  • Thereafter, set up the voicemail greetings and password as well. After that, restart your phone by pressing the Power button.

After completing the steps, check whether the Apple phone error 1035 still persists or not. Otherwise, proceed with the next methods.

Process # 2: Reset Network Settings

Sometimes, the Apple error code 1035 appears after the phone gets updated with a newer version. While updating the device, you might switch the network several times and as a result, you will get the Apple error code 1035. Therefore, resetting the network settings might help you in fixing the issue. To do so, perform the steps mentioned below.

  1. At first, browse to the Settings option. After that, go to the General option and press the Reset option. Now, select the Reset Network Settings option.
  2. In this section, you need to enter the password and press the Reset Network Settings option.
  3. Your phone will get automatically reset and it will also fix the Apple error code 1035.

After completing the steps, try to access the voicemail and check the status of the error.

Process # 3: Turn On and Turn Off the Airplane Mode

Sometimes, turning on the Airplane Mode on the iPhone device, solve most of the problems that usually occur in the iOS devices. Because, when you turn the Airplane Mode on, your phone gets disconnected from all the networks which your iPhone was previously connected. On the other hand, you cannot receive or make calls from your iPhone when you turn on the Airplane Mode on your iOS devices. Hence, try this step to fix the issue.

Firstly, to bring up the Control center, you need to swipe up from the bottom. After that, switch on the Airplane Mode. Wait for 30 to 35 seconds and turn off the Airplane Mode. Otherwise, you can turn it on from the Settings option. Do the same as you have done before. After turning off the Airplane Mode, open the voicemail application and make sure that it works fine.

Therefore, these are the methods to get rid of this issue. Moreover, you need to ensure that, while performing these steps, it is important to connect your phone with a stable network connection. Therefore, the points in the above section will certainly help you in rectifying the Apple phone error 1035. If even after performing each and every step, you are not able to solve the problem, then post your queries in the comment section below.