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How To Reset Firefox: Get Instant Result

If the web browser is not functioning properly, then the users need to reset their browser. By resetting your browser, you can rectify a few issues which may hamper the surfing experience. But for Firefox users it is entirely different as it is a renowned browser platform that offers quality surfing experience. Generally, Mozilla Firefox is one of the best application for browsing. Hence you don’t need to reset it because it rarely has any breakdown.


But Sometimes Firefox witness issues like unwanted toolbar, or a complete transformation of the home page, etc. Issues like freeware or browser high jacking can also affect your home page. To resolve these issue, you need to know how to reset Firefox. If you are one of the users, looking for how to reset Firefox then read this article.

Possible Solutions For Resetting Firefox

When you encounter browsing related problems, then it is better to reset your web browser. Problems can also arise if a user installs malware programs unintentionally. These applications change the browser setting automatically. Due to this Mozilla Firefox will feature an extensive number of ads and bogus messages. Thus to prevent your system from greater risk it is essential to reset Firefox. So let’s check out various ways to reset firefox.  

Use Refresh Firefox All the time

If you regularly surf on Firefox, then some form of ads or malware or third party application will find a way to enter your homepage. To prevent further damage, we suggest refreshing firefox frequently. By using this process, Firefox will save all the essential data like passwords, bookmarks, personal dictionary, cookies or history. To use this technique click the refresh button directly at the top of the Firefox support page. Then a confirmation window will open, continue the process by clicking the refresh button. When the task is completed the Firefox will terminate the process by itself. You need to click on Finish to reopen the Mozilla Firefox.

Clear Firefox Preference Files

The users who are witnessing any problems on their Firefox home page they can reset the browser by deleting the preference files. So, first click the menu go to help and then choose Troubleshooting Information. The Tab will open and below the Application basics tap on Open Folder. After opening the Folder, again go to the menu and then search and delete all the preferences. When the process is finished, close the profile folder and start Firefox.

Reset Firefox In A Shortcut Way

To apply this process open the Firefox in Safe Mode by pressing the shift key. If you are unable to launch firefox in Safe Mode search Mozilla Firefox(Safe Mode) in your computer. Users might need to specify their user profile if they use Firefox in more than one device. After that firefox will store the info and choose the files that you want to remove and click exit.

Reinstall Firefox

Suppose if the previous techniques didn’t make any difference then you have to reinstall the browser. It is not important to reinstall the faulty browser. But if the problem is critical, we suggest you reinstall the Firefox.

Before installing Firefox, terminate the existing browser by going to the menu and click Exit. Go to the Home screen and click the start button go to Programs and Features. For Windows7/Vista go to Control panel and then Programs and Features. In Windows XP you need to go to Remove /Add Programs. There you will see a list of recently installed programs search for Mozilla Firefox and uninstall. If the Uninstall Wizard does not appear, then you can go to folder ‘helper.exe’ to initiate the process. Uninstall the Uninstall Wizard and click finish and delete the Firefox installation folder from the c drive.

Once you Uninstall the Firefox, then go to the official Mozilla’s download page and install the file on your Computer.


In this day and age, it is impossible to live without internet, and we all spend our considerable time on the web. So if you encounter any problems regarding the Firefox browser, it is essential to know how to reset Firefox. Resetting the Firefox browser is quite an easy task and you don’t have to be a pro to fix your browser. Hence go through the steps as given above and reset the Firefox.