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Request Desktop Site Safari – Simple And Easy Ways To Do It

Nowadays, due to the advent of mobile or handheld devices, most of the websites are viewed from these devices, instead of proper desktop machines. Now, since the iPhone is the most used smartphone, therefore, the Safari browser is also used most often for browsing the web pages within them. But, sometimes due to small screen orientation, not all the features are present at one place on the mobile version of some websites that you visit. Thus, there is an acute need of the websites to be viewed as their counterpart, the desktop version appears. This article will provide you with the steps on how to request desktop site Safari.

Solutions on How to Call Safari Desktop Version

This is a section that will provide you with various points that helps to request desktop site Safari. There will be only two points that can allow you to achieve this feature on the iPhone. Those two points are present as follows.

Steps to Access the Website in Desktop Version via Share Option

There is an option ‘Share’ on the Safari browser which you can use to request the desktop version of the website that you visit. In order to access that option, follow the steps underneath.

  • First, launch the ’Safari’ web browser, from the dock present on the Mac desktop.
  • Now, type the website that you wish to visit on the address bar of the browser and then tap on the ‘Enter’ button.
  • After that, to get the menu bar at the lower end of the screen, simply scroll up the webpage.
  • After that, from all the icons that are present on the menu bar, choose the icon ‘Share’.
  • Next, from the options menu that comes up at the bottom, swipe to the right and find the option ‘Request Desktop Site’. Then, choose this option to open the website in desktop mode.
  • The above steps are for the iPhone, but you can even access this ‘share’ icon on the iPad also. For that, follow the steps below.
    • On the iPad, first, visit the website that you wish on the Safari browser.
    • After that, just beside the address bar at the top of the browser, choose the ‘Share’ icon.
    • Now, follow the fifth step of this point, in order to get this feature.

Procedure to Reload the Website on Safari

Another process to request a desktop version of the website that you visit is to simply reload the page. In order to reload the website, follow the below mentioned steps.

  • First, open the Safari web browser and in it, visit the website you want.
  • Once the site loads into the mobile version, tap on the ‘Reload’ icon at the end of the address bar which is present on the top.
  • Now, at the lower end of the window, you will get an option ‘Request Desktop Site’ and another option ‘Cancel’. In order to activate it, tap on the option.
  • The above steps are for the iPhone, but for the iPad, follow the steps below.
    • On the iPad, open the Safari browser and visit the website you want and then allow it to load.
    • Now, tap on the ‘Reload’ icon on the URL bar. After that, you will get the option ‘Request Desktop Site’ just below the ‘Reload’ option.


If you follow the points on the previous section carefully, then you can solve the request desktop site Safari problem. But, even after following the points, on the above section carefully if you cannot solve this issue, then do not worry at all. Provide the details about the query on the comment section below.