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Applock Virus Warning: Causes And Removal Guide (iPhone)

Too many ads on your iPhone? The home page of the browser has changed automatically? You might be experiencing a virus. Maybe you are facing this issue because of a virus that has already attacked your system namely Applock.

What is Applock? 

Applock is a browser hijacker affecting the iPhones or Apple-based devices. Once infected, it will redirect you to different pages and will show too many ads in your device. Among them, there are ads that can let a virus into your system and thus is harmful to your device.

How Does Applock Work?

This virus can read your browsing history and save the searches and websites you visit. It basically keeps track of your online activities. This virus will detect what kind of websites you are visiting and based on your recent searches, this adware will target you with ads so that you interact with them. The developers make money from this.

It is very important to delete the Applock virus from your device to keep it safe from ransomware threats. Follow this article to know how to. 

How to Know Your iPhone Has an Applock Virus Warning?

It’s very easy to understand the presence of this virus because it rains your device with different types of ads all the time. It will also change your browser’s homepage. Unfamiliar websites will be posting ads on your device.  

Antivirus is very common for Android-based smartphones but for iPhone, it’s a bit tough to get hold of one. But you need to scan the device to know the potential threat.

What Can Be Done to Get Rid of the Applock Virus Warning on iPhone?

You can simply follow these easy steps mentioned below to remove the Applock virus from your iPhone.

Step 1: Close the Pop-ups Immediately

Close all the pop-ups that are currently open. 

If you see a checkbox on the popups reading as “don’t show more alerts from this webpage” click on the checkbox and then closing the Ad.

A Block Alerts button might appear after you close an ad. You need to press that button on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to block alert messages from those pages. 

If the pop up fails to close after performing all action mentioned above follow these:

For Mac devices, you need to force close the Safari browser. Select it from the app list, press the Command+Option+Esc keys to force close Safari. After forced closing, you need to restart the app. Press and hold the Shift button while you do that. It will prevent the automatic opening of the annoying ads. 

You can do the same on your iPhone by touching the Home button twice quickly. The preview of the recently used apps will appear. Find Safari by swiping left and then force close it by swiping up in its preview. This will prevent it from opening unwanted windows. Now, go to Settings and then Clear History and Website Data. 

If you want to keep the cookies and browser history, you have to export them.

Step 2: Choose Preferences

Choose Preferences

First of all, open Safari and choose Preferences from its menu. Next, click on “Block pop-up windows” after selecting the security icon. This will block the pop-up windows. 

Now, check the settings for the search engines. Adwares generally messes with your browser homepage.  

You will have to select the General icon and look at the Homepage field. It will be either empty or filled with the homepage address.

Follow the search icon and it will surely show you the familiar search engine or the one you have set. These settings are found in the General pane panel in some versions of Safari. 

Step 3: Remove All Extensions

To do that, you need to open Safari and click the Extensions button. Adware generally uses the extensions to inject pop-up ads into your device. Remove all the extensions that you do not remember installing. They can be actually forced by the adware. 

How Can You Prevent your iPhone From Getting the Applock Virus?

We will tell you some ways following which you will never face the Applock virus on your iPhone again.

Always use an anti-virus tool. Remember, to keep the anti-virus updated. Even though iOS does not need one, it is okay and important to use anti-viruses. 

Installing apps from unfamiliar sources are a strict no-no. Stick to well-known websites. Do not click on ads or suspicious websites. It might take you back to the Applock virus. 

You can follow these steps to clear the Applock virus out of your iPhone. If you found this article helpful do not forget to comment on the comment section below.