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Reactivate AOL Account With Easy Steps

Technology has undergone a rapid change for the past few years. Nowadays, communication is no more difficult for people staying in distant places. You can connect with the person in many ways; among them, email is the most convenient one. There are many email service providers and AOL mail service is the most reliable one. AOL offers the latest facilities and features to make it simple for users. Despite all these, you may also face some difficulties and problems while using the AOL mail. You may face some serious trouble to reactivate AOL account in your device.

If you are an AOL email service user and have deleted the AOL account accidentally, then it is very difficult to recover or reactive that account. Sometimes it has been seen that if you are not using your AOL account for a long time then AOL authority deletes that account without letting you know. After that, when you try to log in to your AOL account, you may face an error message. In that case, it may create many problems to reactive that.

When Can’t You Reactivate AOL Account?

If you are not using your AOL account for more than 90 days, then there is a possibility that you can reactivate AOL account. But if you don’t log in to your account for more than 180 days, in that case, AOL authority will delete all the data and information permanently. You can’t reactive that AOL account again in anyhow.

If you deleted your account and now you need some data from. Then it is most important to know the passwords and other personal information to reactivate AOL account. Otherwise, you can not perform the task. If you are facing some trouble to do that and want to know about how to reactivate AOL account, then follow the article carefully and try to implement the steps. After that, we hope you can reactivate old AOL account.

Step By Step Guide To Reactivate AOL Account

Reactivating AOL account is one of the most difficult tasks to perform. If you are not using it for more than 180 days, then you can’t access your mail as AOL authority has already deleted all the information and data of that account. Moreover, they will not allow you to restore that account. If you have deleted the account recently, then it may help you to restore that. So, follow the steps mentioned below and try to implement them carefully. This is a time-consuming process so before starting the procedure, slot your schedule and then proceed.

AOL authority gives users a time period to reactivate AOL account. They didn’t mention that time period anywhere, so if you are lucky then you can restore the account. But in some case, the time may vary, so if you need some data and information from your previous AOL account, perform the steps mentioned below as quickly as possible.

Quick Fixes At Your Fingertips!

At first, open the AOL email website in your web browser. Then directly go to the Password Assistance Page. From there select the “I’m having problems signing in” section. After that, you have to put your AOL email account username and click on the Continue option to move on to the next steps.

As we stated before that, you need to know your account’s password before starting the procedure. Now, on the next page, you have to enter that password. Once, you enter the password, now click on the Continue option.

In the next page, it will ask you if you are sure about that or not. So click tick that options and click on OK. Once you have done that, you can see a verification link on the screen. If you can’t find any link on the screen, then your account may be deleted permanently. So, you can’t reactivate it.

Finish the verification procedure and after that click on the recovery request form. In that form, you have to answer some serious questions about your deleted account. Answer those questions correctly, otherwise, AOL authority may block you permanently. After answering those questions, submit that form. Now AOL will send you another mail to reactivate AOL account.

From that recovery mail, click on the attached link and under that, you have to enter a new password for your AOL account. After doing all the procedures correctly, you can successfully reactive AOL account again.

Now you can access your old AOL account smoothly. You will not face any other problem to do that.

Wrapping Up

We hope that, after going through the procedures mentioned above, you will able to reactivate and use your AOL account without any issue. In the future, if you encounter the error again then revisit the website for further guidance.