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Effective Hacks To Quick-Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam Problem

The paper jam issue indicates the mechanical problems of your printer. Sometimes, when a piece of paper or the remaining part of the paper after printing or while printing get stuck in the paper tray or back of the machine, then you face such problems. Dell printer users also encounter the same issue in their Dell printers. You can also face this Dell printer paper jam error with paper stuck inside the printer So, if you want the instant solutions for this troublesome issue, then just go through this article.

Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam Issue With Some Easy Methods:

This problem is very annoying for the users as it doesn’t allow to progress the printing process any further. So, if you want to experience a hassle-free printing session from your Dell printer, then you have to repair your printer as soon as you face the Dell printer paper jam issue. Here, we suggest some efficient methods to overcome this error. Just follow these methods carefully to eliminate this particular error from your Dell printer.

Method 1: Clearing the Paper Jams from the SSF

SSF is a single sheet feeder. Sometimes, a piece of paper got stuck in the SSF. So if you find that any piece of paper gets stuck in this feeder, then remove it gently. Just perform the easy steps instructed below:

  1. First, try to remove the paper from SSF gently. If you are unable to remove it, don’t panic. Then, you have to remove this page from the inside of the printer.
  2. Remove the standard 250-sheet tray from the printer. Then, check whether any paper is jammed inside this. If you don’t find any paper, then open the front cover by pushing the side button.
  3. Now, open the Belt unit. When it stops, take the jammed paper out of this.
  4. Make sure that there is no piece of paper still remaining inside your printer.  
  5. Now, insert the belt unit again and push it to the top.
  6. After that, shut down the front cover and reinsert the tray in its exact place.   

Method 2: Remove the Jammed Paper from the Fusor

If the Dell printer 1700 paper jam issue occurs due to paper stuck inside the fusor, then apply the steps provided below:

  1. Shut down your Dell printer.
  2. After 10 minutes of waiting, open the front cover by the same process.
  3. Open the belt unit again.
  4. You will find levers at the end of the fusor. Lift these levers to remove the stuck paper. If you aren’t able to remove it, then open the fuser cover and take the piece of paper out.
  5. Now, put the fuser cover back and press down the levers.
  6. Inset the belt unit and the front cover.

Now, check whether you still face this Dell printer 1700 paper jam issue still or not.

Method 3: Clearing the Paper Jam from the Duplexer

This is also an easy method like the other two. So, you can easily detect a paper if it is stuck in the duplexer. You can remove it from there for Dell printer paper jam fix:

  1. Open the front cover of your printer.
  2. Now, open the duplexer cover.
  3. Check if the paper is stuck in the duplexer or not. If yes, then just remove it gently from the duplexer.
  4. Now, close the cover of the duplexer, and then the front cover.

Effective Solution to Fix the Paper Jam Error When There is no Paper Jammed in Your Printer:

After checking all the parts of your printer, if you don’t find any paper jammed in the printer but you still encounter Dell laser printer 1700 paper jam message, then you can perform these methods to resolve this issue.

  1. First of all, unplug the power cable of the printer and wait for 30 minutes. But you have to turn on the printer in this 30 minutes. This power cycle of your printer can resolve this error.
  2. If the paper sensor or the paper path gets blocked by some particles or dust, then it will block the printing process. So, we suggest removing the toner cartridge and clean this with a dry cotton cloth gently.
  3. Reinstalling the ink cartridge can solve this troublesome. Reinsert the encoder strip of the print-head carriage.
  4. Make sure that the paper tray is not overfilled with papers.
  5. You can use the glossy thick paper to eliminate this problem. At first, turned off your printer. Then, push this glossy paper through the paper path. It will eliminate all the particles which block the paper path.
  6. If you still encounter this Dell printer paper jam issue, then it might occur due to the hardware failure. Broken or damaged paper sensor flag may cause this issue. Check whether the paper sensors, move freely or not.

Some Precautions That You Can Take:

The fixing method is so easy that anyone can do this without any technical knowledge. But, before you solve this issue, you need to remember some precautions which are instructed below:

  1. Before removing the jammed paper from the printer, you have to remember that some parts of your printer are hot enough to burn your skin. So, be careful when you find out the stuck paper from inside.
  2. Don’t put your hand inside of the printer, your hand may be stuck inside it.
  3. Don’t cut the paper which you will use for printing purpose. It may damage your printer.
  4. Don’t pull or push the front cover and the belt unit too hard.

Hope this article will help you out from this Dell printer paper jam issue with these above-mentioned solutions. If you still face this issue or you have some queries regarding this, then do share your feedback without any hesitation in the comment section box below.