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10 Best Putlocker Alternative Sites To Stream Movies Free Online

Putlocker is known to be one of the famous websites that stream media content. Over time, the website has become quite famous among teens and adults. This is because Putlocker has a wide range of variety in terms of movies and series. But, here’s’ one major drawback of the website. The website has become a restriction website for now. That implies people won’t be able to access it. Even though it offers so much, it is difficult to access the website. 

However, here are some great alternative websites that are similar to Putlocker. These websites are accessed by many people every day and have what you are looking for. So if you can’t wait to watch your favorite, then go through the rest of the contents below. 

Top Alternative Website To Putlocker!

Go through this list of some top 10 Best Sites Like Putlocker:

1. 123Movies

A website like a put locker is many other the internet. But what matters is the security and the safety of using the websites. One such example would be 123Movies. The website has all that you’re looking for. No matter what genre of the movie or series is, you’ll find it here. The website does not have any hassle of letting you sign up or make an account to watch it. 

You can use the search field to search for the movie or you can simply look go through categories and our filter to get the result. The movies and series are listed in categories like “Most Viewed”, “Last Added”, “Released Year” and more. Here’s one interesting thing about the website. Based on whichever movie you watch, it will recommend a similar kind of movie using an inbuilt algorithm. The website is available for all the regions so you should not have any difficulty accessing it. 

2. Megashare

Currently, the Megashare website is a great platform that is convenient as well as straight forward. The interface of the website is simple so anybody can use it easily. Also, it consists of a huge library of movies and series. If the network connection you’re singing is good enough, then you can choose to watch your favorite movies and series in high resolution. 

That being said, the website also offers this feature where you can watch media content with subtitles. And lastly, you would not have to go through any trouble of subscribing or registering to the website. 

3. Popncornflix

Poncornlix is another website that is pretty popular among the list. It’s an efficient website in comparison to Putlocker. The interface is very simple and straight forward. This implies that you would not have any difficulty visiting them for the first time. That being said, the website has a great collection of classic and old content. 

If you’re in for classic movies, then this website is the one for you. Besides, you would not have to take any hassle fo signing up or registering for an account. You can simply visit the website and tarot watch right away. Besides, Popcornflix is compatible with operating software like Android and iOS. 

4. Popcorn Time

If you’ve heard of Netflix and Amazon Prime then you must have also heard of Popcorn Time. Because it lies on the same ground fo popularity like those websites. That being said, popcorn time has a great collection of moves and TV series in it. 

Here’s another interesting fact about the website. You can download your favorite movies or Tv series if you want to watch them later. Meanwhile, the user interface is intriguing and also easy. To refine the search, you can try using its categories to search for the desired content. Also, you can try using its application on your smartphone so that you can watch your content anytime anywhere. 

5. Rainierland

Rainierland is one of the best alternative websites for putlocker. However, if you are interested in appealing websites, then its not one of them. The interface is not as catchy but the navigation, is nonetheless, easy. 

The site holds a lot of great movies and series to watch from. Additionally, you can also opt to watch their trailer to see if you want to watch the movie or not. Also, another great benefit of having to use this site, is the fact that is ad-free. Unlike most websites, rainierland does not spam users with ads all the time, making it easy for them to watch. 

6. FMovies

Over the years. Fmovies is one of the most famous websites and alternatives on putlocker. It gets accessed by many people daily. That being said, the website interface is pretty catchy and appealing. Fmovies is a stand out because of its sleek interface. The list of categories is a lot. 

However, the website has a problem. And that I, its access in particular regions. The website is banned in many regions. Hence, if you face any difficulty in accessing It, you might want to try using a VPN service to get through it. Besides that, it’s got a great huge collection of content so you’ll never get bored. Lastly, the website is ad-free and to sign up for an account. 

7. GoMovies

This website is also a famous website for steaming media content and also similar to putlocker. In terms of interface, it has got a nice and clean look to it. The medic content on this website, gets updated very fast so that you don’t miss anything. 

However, this website can be a bit fo hassle. This is because when you try watching movies or series, you might come across a few ads here and there. But regardless, content-wise, the website is pretty great. 

8. MovieWatcher

MpovieWatccher is best known for having a vast library. Also, it is popular because of the well-organized interface. Base on categories like popularity, last added or date of release, you can refine the search for your movies. 

You won’t run out of content as each category have the right set of movies. In addition to that, the website does not have any issues with compatibility. This means you can access the website using the desktop or even the smartphone. 

9. Los Movies

Los Movie is slightly different and unique from other websites. Getting movies and series in English is the main highlight of the website in comparison to Putlocker. But, you’ll also get content that is Albanian, Swedish Croatian and more. Most shows and movies on the website are of great quality. Which means you can watch them in higher resolution like HD. 

That being said, you’ll get the most popular moves displayed on the main page of the website. On the other hand, the website runs smoothly. However, you must keep on thing in mind. If you have any ad-blocker extension installed, then you face difficulties streaming videos from the website. 

10. Solar Movie

Lastly, Solar Movie s another great alternative to Putlocekr even though it does not stand out amongst other websites. The interface is simple for anyone to use and you can also try using it on your smartphone or desktop.

The collection fo movies and series are vast so you won’t ever run out of content to watch from.