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6 Ideas to Capture a Perfect Screenshot on Windows 10

Do you want to capture an image or view on your PC? Take your mobile phone, start the camera and capture a snap of the picture will be not at all enough, as within a fraction of second the moment will pass (if it is a part of the video). So, you need to verify whether the feature of taking a screenshot is present in your Windows 10 PC.

There are various ways by which you can use the screenshot Windows 10 feature. But, the methods are divided into two categories- One is the default and the other is user-specified. Various experts say that using the default feature is the best way to take a screenshot. On the other hand, the user-specified features are not at all harmful for your system.

Capture the Moments by Default Process on your

Windows 10

Capturing the system moments or taking screenshots is very easy with both default and user-defined processes. In the case of default, you have to use the system resources to accomplish the job. You don’t have to introduce any type of third-party applications in it.

1.Utilize the Shift+Windows+S key

These three keys play an important role in taking a screenshot. The function of these three keys will help you to take the picture of the entire screen, i.e. in a rectangle shape. Moreover, it will also help you with every Windows program. So, hit the three keys simultaneously, a small thumbnail panel will pop up in front of you.

The message will appear, “Snip saved to clipboard”. Now, you have to open the sketch window. There will be various options to edit the screenshot taken by you, such as pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, highlighter, and others. Moreover, a cropping tool is also available.

2.The “Print Screen” key

It is the dedicated key that is present in each and every computer keyboard. You can identify it easily with the help of the information “prt sc” written on the key. Whenever you are willing to capture a certain screen, quickly press the key to take a screenshot Windows 10, it is a default process, so the picture will not be saved automatically. The best way to save the picture is to open the Microsoft paint and press Ctrl+v, which the paste. You can see your desired picture right over there. Now, if necessary, make some changes and save the picture.

3.Get assistance from Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft’s default cloud storage facility also provides you with the ability to take screenshots. Just access the Settings panel after opening the OneDrive. You will see either of two options. “Automatically Save Screenshots” or “Capture to OneDrive from the backup tab”. Just take the screenshot and you don’t have to worry about saving the picture. All the steps will be done in just one shot. The Windows Action Centre is solely responsible for notifying you. If you want, you can upgrade OneDrive to get more exclusive features.

4.The Windows Game bar

When you have a gaming console like Microsoft’s XBOX, then the normal screenshot Windows 10 process will not come in handy. That is why the Windows Key-G will deliver your desired screenshot in the game bar. Just tap on the key and the screenshot will be saved in the “Videos/Capture” folder present in the system drive.

Additional Applications to take a Screenshot

There are also other third-party applications that will help you to take screenshots. In order to use it, you have to download and install the software. Make sure that you download them from a safe website.

1.The Sniffing Tool

The sniffing tool is one of the most lightweight applications for taking a screenshot Windows 10. Just download and install the application. After that, choose your desired screen and press the “prt sc” button present at the keyboard. The sniffing tool will appear, and you can crop the image.

After cropping, right-click on the image and you will find a lot of options. If you want to paste it, then click on “Copy”. In case, if you want to save it for future purpose, then save it by using Microsoft Paint.


Snagit has some of the important benefits of capturing screenshot Windows 10. The software also comes with advanced features and tools like video cropping, picture editing and others. There are two versions of this application- one is the free-ware and the other is licensed. If you want to use all of its features, then you can opt for the licensed version.

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Basically, if you search the internet then you will get numerous applications to take a screenshot but most of them are not genuine. When you are using a Surface device, then there is a sophisticated gadget that will help you to take the screenshot- it is the surface pen. In this kind of mobile device, you don’t have to do much. Just activate the pen and double-tap on the screen. You will get your desired screen picture with less effort. So, choose wisely