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Resolve PCI Simple Communications Controller Windows 7 Error Instantly

PCI simple communication controller windows 7 is a part of AMT management interface of your device. Also, it is related to the networking on your device. If you have PCI simple communications controller driver error on your Windows 7, then you can resolve that matter by performing an update process with it. If you are not aware of the detailed troubleshooting process then you can follow this article till the end to resolve the issue instantly.

Symptoms For PCI Simple Communications Controller Error

When this frustrating error occurs, then the active window starts crashing and you get a command box showing error message”Cannot find the Driver for the PCI Simple Communications Controller”. Well, you can encounter this issue due to several reasons.

Reasons To Encounter PCI Simple Communications Controller Error

You can encounter PCI driver controller error due to several reasons. For instance-

  • Missing Device Driver– If your system fails to detect the correct driver for the PCI controller then you can face this type of error.
  • Outdated Device Driver– You can also face this error due to an outdated PCI controller driver then you get this type of error in your system.

After knowing the causes now let’s focus on the solutions for this particular error.

Troubleshoot PCI Simple Communications Controller  Error Windows 7

You can troubleshoot the PCI controller driver error by using various methods. On that note, you can update the device driver or can use Hardware ID to resolve the issue. Here, experts have provided a comprehensive guide. Try to follow each and every step carefully.

Method 1: Update Device Driver

Update Device DriverYou can update the PCI controller using device manager.  On that note, try to follow the steps carefully.

  1. Go to the search Option.
  2. Now, open the search box.
  3. Type ” Device Manager”. You can see several search result. Now click on Ok.
  4. In Device Manager, right click on the device name and select Properties. You can see a properties Window will launch.
  5. In “General” tab, click Update Driver button.
  6. Click Search automatically for updated driver software. If Windows has drivers for the device, the driver will be updated automatically.

After the update process, you should be able to resolve the matter instantly. Try the other methods given below if the error persists.

Method 2: Find The Correct Device Driver

Find The Correct Device DriverYou can also encounter this error while you are using an incorrect device driver for PCI devices. On that note, try to use the right one to eliminate the issue.

  1. Go to the properties window by searching it from the search option.
  2. Now, In the Properties Window, click on the Details tab.
  3. In the  “Property” option, select Hardware Ids.
  4. After that,  right-click on the hardware id and click Copy.
  5. Copy and paste the hardware id to the browser you’re using. Use “hardware id+driver+Windows OS” to search the specific driver.
  6. At the end choose the correct driver.

After this process, you will be able to eliminate this bug from your system. You are requested not to skip any of the steps.