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Nvidia Runtime Error | Resolve With Easy Hacks

Nvidia is a tool produced to design and develop the graphics processing units. It probes wide into the professional market for gaming purposes. Besides, it helps to create a system chip for mobile computing. In a nutshell, Nvidia stands as a market leader when it comes to the GPUs. Moreover, being just another tool, it is also exposed to exhibit some errors. Nvidia runtime error is one of an instance.

Moreover, the issue is not apparent and it is difficult to resolve it. Fortunately, we have put together some of the most useful solutions to remove the error in this article. Besides, we will be providing you with the multiple factors that can lead to such an error in your device. Hence, we recommend you to have a look right below.

Nvidia GeForce Experience Runtime Error | Probable Reasons

There are several reasons that can cause a runtime error in your device. We are going to present you with some of the most apparent ones. Since it will be easier to fix the error if you are already familiar with the causes, we suggest you have a look right below.

  1. The very first reason for the runtime error in Nvidia can be the latest Windows 10 update. This displays that the latest version of Windows Operating System is not compatible with your device. Thus, you are receiving such an error.
  2. Another reason includes the wrong configuration of Windows 10 update in your device.
  3. Also, you may encounter runtime error with Nvidia because of the outdated device drivers and such outdated device drivers can also be behind other Nvidia issues like the Nvidia Control Panel Won’t Open. All of which you can fix yourself with the correct instructions at hand.
  4. The malicious malware and virus developed in your device can also lead to a runtime error.
  5. Besides, the faulty display driver can influence the same error.
  6. Apart from that, the third party application installed in your device might cause the runtime error.
  7. Last but not least, the outdated  Windows Operating System can also provide you with a runtime error with Nvidia.

Nvidia Runtime Error | Accurate Solutions

Therefore, now that you are conscious of the different factors that can wind up presenting you with such an error, we move on to the troubleshooting steps. Though there are a number of techniques for resolving the runtime error, not all of them completely resolves the issue. Hence, you can follow these methods to get rid of the error in no time.

Method 1: Reinstall The Display Driver

This is the first method that you should try to remove the runtime error with Nvidia. There can be some issue with the display driver that can give you the runtime error. Hence, you should reinstall the display driver to fix the problem. For that, you can follow the instructions right here.

  1. To begin with the process, press the Windows logo key and the X key together.
  2. Then, move to the Device Manager.
  3. Next, you need to click on the Display adapters option.
  4. After that, you have to right click on the graphics card. Then, you will get the Uninstall option.
  5. Once the uninstallation process completes, you need to need to restart your device to see if this method helps in resolving the error.

Method 2: Upgrade Display Driver

If the previous method doesn’t help in resolving Nvidia runtime error Windows 10, then you need to update your display driver. Like every other device drivers, the display driver also requires a periodical update. If you don’t upgrade your display driver, it will become obsolete. Thus, you might get common errors in your device. Hence, you should always update your display driver to maintain the system performance. Besides, the latest update comes up with some bug fixes that help in removing the prevalent errors in your device. To get the latest version of the display driver, you can follow these instructions.

  1. To start with the process, clcik on the Start button.
  2. Then, move to the Search bar and type Device Manager.
  3. Now, in the Device Manager, look for the network Adapters option.
  4. Here, you need to find your device.
  5. Then, click on the Update Driver option.
  6. There, you have to select the Display Adapters option.
  7. After that, you have to search for the automatic update and then you can install the latest version of display driver in your device.

Method 3: Perform A Clean Boot

Apart from that, you can perform a clean boot of your Windows device to resolve Nvidia runtime error. If you don’t know how to perform a clean boot in a Windows device, you can follow the steps right below.

  1. At first, you have to press and hold both the Windows logo key and the R key simultaneously.
  2. Then, in the Run box, you need to type the following command ‘msconfig.’ Next, click on the OK button.
  3. Now, move to the Services tab.
  4. Here, you have to tap on the Disable all option and then you can proceed with the OK button.
  5. After that, click on the Hide all Microsoft services. Then, you can tap on the OK button.
  6. Next, move to the General option.
  7. Here, you need to uncheck the startup items.  
  8. Now, click on the Save button to retain all the changes.
  9. After that, you can restart your device to check if the runtime error continues.

Method 4: Disable Antivirus Software

The antivirus software installed in your device can cause conflict with the other programs. Hence, you should disable the antivirus software from your device to avoid any error. You can find the instructions right below.

  1. First, go to the Settings.
  2. Then, move to the Start Menu.
  3. Next, select Update and Security option.
  4. Now, click on the Windows Security.
  5. Then, you can proceed to the Window defender security.
  6. Now, in the Windows Defender settings, you have to click on the Virus and threat protection settings option.
  7. Here, you have to turn on the real-time protection along with two other options to disable Windows Defender.

Method 5: Uninstall Third-party Software

Also, the third party application installed in your device can stop GeForce Experience from responding and present you with Nvidia GeForce Experience runtime error. So, we suggest you remove the third party software from your device to resolve the runtime error.

Moreover, these are some of the most accurate fixes that will help you to resolve your Nvidia issue. So, we recommend you to implement all these methods to fix Nvidia runtime error in no time.