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Nvidia Error Code 43: Get Easy Hacks

Nvidia manufactures one of the most high-end graphics processing units in this global market. However, despite being a preferred one, it is not always free from occasional errors. Nvidia error code 43 is one of those common errors you can encounter while using this graphics card. If you have already faced this error and want to know the troubleshooting process, then try to follow this article which will help you to fix this error code quickly. This article contains several guidelines as well as some causes due to which you can encounter this issue.

Causes To Encounter Nvidia Error Code 43

Due to several reasons, you can encounter this error. For instance-

Power Issues- You can encounter this error due to some electricity trouble.
Driver Issues- If you are using an outdated graphics card driver then you can face this error with your Nvidia.
Internal Glitch- You can also encounter this issue due to internal glitch present in your Nvidia graphics card.
After you get the causes behind this issue now, let’s focus on the solutions for this error.

Solutions To Fix Troubleshoot Nvidia Error Code 43

You can troubleshoot this issue using several methods. Here, experts have provided all of them try to follow those methods whichever looks convenient to you.

Method 1: Using Power Reset

Using Power Reset

You can also try to perform a power reset to troubleshoot this code. On that note, try to follow the steps as mentioned below.

Turn off your computer.
Remove the charger and remove the battery from your device.
Press and hold the power button.
Wait for some time.
Plug in all wires and cables and battery in your device.
Turn on your device.
After performing the steps you will be able to fix this issue on your own. If the error persists, try to follow some other methods given below.

Method 2: Update Graphics Driver

Update Graphics Driver

You can also try to update your graphics driver to troubleshoot this issue. In this case, try to focus on the steps mentioned below.

At first, go to the Start option and locate the search bar.
In the search bar type” Update Device Drivers”.
You will get several search results.
Choose the correct option.
Your device will automatically start downloading a fresh version of device drivers after choosing the device type.
Once your system completes the installation process, try to restart your device and check the status of the error. If it persists, then try to focus on the next method given below.

Method 3: Uninstall Graphics Driver

Uninstall Graphics Driver

You can also try to uninstall graphics driver to troubleshoot this issue using the following steps.

Press Windows + R to launch the Run box.
In the Run dialogue box type devmgmt.msc.
Click OK or, hit Enter to continue.
You will get into the Device Manager Window.
In that Window, expand the “display adapters ” category and after that place a right click on the device name you are using.
In the context menu select the Uninstall.
Once the uninstallation process is over try to restart your device. If the error persists then try to follow the steps mentioned below.

Method 4: Discharge Electrical Build Up

Discharge Electrical Build Up

You can also try to discharge the electrical build-up to fix this issue quickly.

At first, focus on your keyboard and press Windows + R at the same time to open the Run dialogue box.
In that box, Type devmgmt.msc.
Hit Enter to continue.
You can also click on OK to continue.
Now, you will land up into Device Manager Window.
Now, right click on your device name.
In the context menu type Disable.
Press the power button to turn off your device.
Now, wait for sometime and check the status of your error code. This time you will surely be able to troubleshoot that code.

We hope you will be able to troubleshoot this issue on your own. If you encounter any kind of other system glitches in future then you can follow our website to get further tricks.