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Easy Fixes To Apply If Nvidia Control Panel Won’t Open

Nvidia manufactures one of the most high-end graphics processing units in this global market. However, despite being a preferred one, it is not free from the technical glitches. Users often complain about its technical flaws. One of the most prominent issues is that Nvidia Control Panel won’t open at times. If you have already faced this error and want to know the troubleshooting process, then try to follow this article which will help you to fix this error quickly. But before going to that part, try to focus on the causes as well as symptoms of this error.

Symptoms Of Nvidia Control Panel Issues

At the time of setting up SLI on your computer, you can encounter this issue. When you come across this problem, you won’t be able to open the Control Panel and the active window starts crashing repeatedly.

Reasons Why Nvidia Control Panel Won’t Open

If you are using an outdated graphics card driver against your Nvidia graphics card, then you can come across this issue with your device.
Moving on, let’s focus on the solutions to resolve this matter.

How To Fix Nvidia Control Panel Not Working Issue?

Here, experts have provided a step by step guide using which you will be able to troubleshoot this issue on your own.

Method 1: Restart Your Device

Restart Your Device

Once you encounter this error, then initially try to restart your device. On that note, either you can reboot your device or can shut down your computer and restart it again. If the error persists after trying this process, then try to focus on the next method given below.

Method 2: Update Graphics Card Driver

Update Graphics Card Driver

  1. Right-click the Start menu.
  2. Click on Device Manager.
  3. Double-click on Display adapters.
  4. Double-click your NVIDIA graphics card.
  5. Click the Driver tab at the top of the window.
  6. Choose the Update Driver button.
  7. Click Search automatically for updated driver software. Windows will search for and download a compatible driver.
  8. Choose Close when the download and install are complete.
  9. Click the X in the top right corner of the Device Manager window.
  10. Click Yes to restart your computer.

After this step, your Nvidia Control Panel should now open without any hassle.

Hope, after trying the above solutions, you will be able to fix this issue manually. Here, we have also provided symptoms and reasons so that the next time, you can avoid this issue altogether.