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NVG599 Router Login: Default Username and Password

The ARRIS NVG599 Play Residential Gateway router is designed to give primary line telephony, robust video, high-speed data over the broadband network. 

With its complete features, it has been ruling the market for a long time and most of the users are using it. However, the biggest problem that users have encountered while using this router is making any sort of changes within the NVG599 router’s login page 

Here, we are going to discuss some steps that you should follow to solve the problems like change SSID, router login, forget the password or simply get back to the default settings of the Arris NVG599 router. 

Requirements to Access the Login Page of the Arris NVG599 Router:

  • You should connect the computer to the home network to make changes or open the login page. 
  • Put the URL of an IP address on the address bar of the web browser. 
  • The default login details of the router mainly come with the box. 

Step-By-Step Instructions to Login Arris NVG599 Router:

Here we have listed the complete procedure to log in to the Arris NVG599 router in a step by step manner. Follow and implement them as instructed below: 

Step 1: Access the Login Page

At first, you need to launch a web browser and type the IP address in the Address bar. Then press the Enter button to access the router’s login page. If the IP address does not work, then you can type or IP address. 

Step 2: Enter the Login Details

Now, the login page will display on the screen and ask you to enter the login credentials such as Username and Password. 

  • Default Username: None/admin
  • Default Password: None/password 

Note: If you forget the password, then do not worry. You can simply reset the router. Sometimes, by resetting the router, you can solve many problems that you have encountered on your router. 

To reset it, you need to press and hold the Reset button for at least 30 seconds to get back to the default settings. After completing the Reset process, you need to use these default details on the router. 

Step 3: Change Default Login Details

Changing default login details is an easy task to secure your router details from hacking. So, it is necessary to change the default username and password of the NVG599 router and thus your router will be secure. If you do not change the details, then anyone can easily access the router. 

When you change the login details, you need to make sure these following things which are mentioned below:

  • Make sure that the login password should be 8-16 characters long.
  • The password must have a combination of special characters and alphanumerics. 
  • The password should be unique and complex but easy to remember. 

Step 4: Change Wifi Network Name or SSID

After accessing the login page of the Arris NVG599 router, we suggest you change the SSID of Wireless Network Name. SSID stands for Service Set Identifier. If you do not change the SSID name, then anyone can easily come to know that you are using the NVG599 router. Furthermore, they may also try to access the router. 

So, in order to secure your router, you must change the SSID name. Enter the wireless network name into the SSID box. Make sure that the SSID is easy and unique. After changing it, select the WPA2-PSK encryption for the router to enable it. Then click on the Save Changes option to save it. 

After changing the SSID name, you must change the password. 

Typical Issues and Solutions of NVG599 Router Login:

When using the NVG599 router, you may face some issues with it. Here, you will get to know most of the common problems and also learn the solutions to overcome them. 

Problem: Arris NVG599 Router’s Password not Working Properly

Most of the users have encountered that their Arris NVG599 router password does not work properly after putting the correct password for the router. Thus, they are unable to access the router. 

If you are putting the wrong default password or have changed the password previously but you have forgotten it, then you may face this issue. So, you need to try to find the old password that you have changed. 

Solution: If you do not find it, then you can simply reset the router by pressing and holding the Reset button to get back to the router’s default settings. After resetting the router, use the default login details on your router to access. 

Problem: Forget Password for Arris NVG599 Router

If you forget the password, then try the below-mentioned username and password of the Arris NVG599 router. 


admin admin
admin motorola
admin on the bottom of device
admin  password
admin printed on the router label
admin unknown
black black
cusadmin password
none admin
none blank
none printed on router
unknown found on router label
unknown unknown

These are the usernames and passwords that you can use to log in to the Arris NVG599 router on the device. On the login portal, you can see the Forgot Password option. Click on it and then you can easily change the password. 

Another way, you can also call the internet service provider (ISP) and they can also help you to solve this issue. 

If these two ways do not help you out, then you can simply reset the router. To do that, 

  1. Press and hold the Reset button from the router at least 15 seconds.
  2. After resetting the router, type the default login details on the login page. 

How to Reset the Arris NVG599 Router?

Every router has a Reset button. So, what you need to do, 

  • You can simply press and hold the Reset button on the router at least 15 seconds. 
  • After that, leave the button and wait for the router to reboot. 
  • When the WLAN light flashes, the router is reset to default settings.